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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Casting Gilligan's Island

Finally, Hollywood has decided to do a re-make with great meaning.
Gilligan's Island is going to the Big Screen.
I'm going to do them a favor and over the next few days I'll be casting the movie for them.
The bill is in the mail.

Let's start with The Professor, formerly played by Russell Johnson.

I'm not a fan of this actor?, but will bite the bullet and give him the part anyway:


Matthew McConaughey can bring sexy back to Science and Boatmaking 101. I"m sure "Real" Island filming
will give this actor? a chance to do what he does best. Build a boat with his shirt OFF. Also, this may actually be the first time this actor? really has to act.

Let's move on to The Skipper, formerly played by the mucho underrated Alan Hale Jr.

My pick for this meaty role is former coach and sports analyst John Madden.

Just be yourself John. No acting required!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Good eats.

Try this! It's easy and it's GOOD!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Been a long time since I Rock and Roll....

Been a long time since I Rock and Roll.......

For Obama's sake. I haven't blogged this year at all.
Brain dead am I?  Yes.....sad to say. Like a bear waking from a slumber, waiting for the sun, I WILL make a come back!!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Come on America, let's get Radical!!!

I submit to you that Malik Hasan did NOT act alone. There WAS a conspiracy.

It was Malik AND........the voices in his head.
Why was he even allowed a place where the inner turmoil he faced on a daily basis was allowed to be nurtured?
How can anyone expect a Muslim man in the midst of a war to keep any sort of brain wave normalcy?

I do mostly blame Hasan, don't get me wrong, but for the sake of all this is NOT politically correct, the signs were there.

So the voice of the of the "Radical Islamist" wins out over the voice of the "Good American".

The Islamist voice tells him to praise allah, kill American soldiers, and claim his rightly earned virgins in Islam Heaven.

By the way, do you know what the difference between a Radical Muslim and a Radical Christian is?

A Radical Muslim features Malik Hasan killing American soldiers in the name of his god.
A Radical Christian features Jim Elliot preaching the Gospel in Ecuador, and quite literally losing his head, and perhaps in an even more "Radical" part of the story, the wives of the slain missionaries coming to Eduador and FORGIVING the Waodini people.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

A break from the norm.

I'll break from the 'norm' today and ask this question:
Don't you think William Shatner has really let himself go?

Spock! Spock!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Circa 1988 and digressing.

Back in the day, circa 1988, I was an asst. manager at a grocery store while also attending The Tulsa School of Court Reporting. The attempt to be a Court Reporter never panned out as I found my hands and fingers, though nimble enough to be at best an amateur jazz guitarist, to be a bit on the extra-large size to maneuver the keys of the stenograph. 3 years of school and ten thousand in tuition money later I had to move on.

That was a major crossroad in my life as I found myself at the age of 30, only half finishing 2 or 3 college degrees.
But I digress.

I learned early in my life that I had to work harder in school to make good grades.
You expect me to say, I stepped up to the plate at an early age, let's say 13 to 16 and made the A honor role?
Nope. It didn't happen.
Digressing again.

As a child of 5 or 6 I realized I was able to pick up on attitudes, activity, emotions and generally the dynamic in the room. I also learned quickly that I was perhaps the only one in the room paying attention to even the most subtle of glances and could read the meaning behind the eye movement behind the glance. (More on this later)
Proof of this is that I would sometimes go over to the person and ask them if "this" is what they were thinking at that particular moment.
"You're just a kid, how would you know that?"
Good question.
As I grew older (and taller) I realized that within 15 seconds of entering a room, I could read who was mad at whom, who liked whom, the happy couples, the unhappy couples, the humbleness of few, and the arrogance of most.

Here I can stop digressing and go back to 1988 at Ken's Foods IGA.
This story is acutually NOT about me later discovering I am an INFJ.
Or is it?

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life lesson #17

When I was a kid, I was in the Cub Scouts. Summertime was especially fun with day camp outings and lots of actvities for young boys.
One particular day we were taken on a hike. The miles involved I don't remember but I do remember this:
On our way back to the house we came across a natural spring.
Hot water bubbling out of the ground, collecting in a small pool.
Those of us with empty canteens were eager to want to refill them.
Three adults were with us. One said, "Go ahead boys, refill your canteens with this fresh water".
One adult said quietly, " If I were you, I wouldn't listen to him, don't do it".
The other adult was quiet.

The excitement about finding a natural spring in the middle of nowhere led many of us to fill our canteen or even empty a half-filled canteen and fill it with this spring water.
There was quite a discussion as to whom we should believe.
The funny, charismatic adult who insisted we drink the water, or the quiet reserved man who insisted that we shouldn't and even tried to explain why it was a bad idea.
Some of the kids were even picking sides as to which leader to believe.
I was torn between keeping my half-filled canteen or filling it with this fresh water.
Ultimately, I gave in and filled mine with the water from the field, thinking," If THAT man is not telling the truth, I'll miss out on fresh water".

The men corraled us and steered us back in the right direction.
A few minutes later, the first thirsty scout opened his canteen and immediately spit the water out, exclaiming,"It's salty!!!!!"
At that moment we all opened our canteens with the hope that somehow our canteen would hold the fresh water that one of our leaders had promised.
Disappointed, we all realized that for the rest of the hike, if we were thirsty we would have to drink water from a salt spring.
Questions of, "Why would you lie to us?" were answered with a quick, "Because you should have known better. It's your fault, not mine....."
The truthful adult said, "I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen to me".

After finding my water undrinkable I poured it out and sucked it up for the rest of the hike, back to the house with the fresh water.

This lesson has stayed with me all my life.
There are people who are going to lead you astray. It will come in any area of your life.
You're going to have difficult choices to make.
In this instance, it was the man full of personality and smiles who promised a lie.
The quiet unassuming man telling the truth was for the most part,ignored.
While this may seem like a harmless joke played on a group of unknowing 8-9 year olds, I find a lot of lessons here that we can apply to our lives today.

What say you?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

What floor sir??

If I had only been smart enough to post here what was on my mind only yesterday, today I would have been celebrated in the blogosphere as a legend in my own mind.

After contemplating Obama's actions up to this point in his presidency, the thought came to me: He's trying to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

I'm a day late and a dollar short as usual.

Since my elevator evidently doesn't go to the top should I just get out a walk the rest of the way up?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Shame on Me.

I gave up blogging for facebook.
Shame on me.
I gave up a great home cooked dinner for fast food.
Shame on me, I say!

The world's getting crazier by the minute and I've been on facebook.
Not any more.
I deleted the acct. a few days ago and I have to tell you. I'm happier than I've been in a while.

What's happened to all the bloggers? Come back to blogging.
If you're a mom and don't agree with the direction the government is taking us, check out
You'll find you're not alone at
There's not much worse in this world than feeling alone.

Speak up,and do it often.
If you're concerned about your children's future. Step up to the plate.
It's now or never.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hollywood Gnus: American Idol Edition

Let me evidently be the first Hollywood reporter to report that the person in this picture is NOT Gene Simmons.
IDK who this yayhoo is, but it's not Gene.
I wonder if even Paul was fooled by this bad imitation.
Evidently the rest of the US was fooled.
Not me.
It's bad enough that Paula lip-synched her smoke and mirror performance a few weeks ago, and now we're presented with a faux Gene?
Tsk Tsk I say to Kiss and AI.
I just might be done with all of you.......
In a lesser Gnus report, the bandmember in "The Cat" make-up is actually Joan Rivers. But we all already Gnu that didn't we?
All Hollywood Gnus reports are biased opinions and are sole possession of Hollywood Gnus.
Any semblance to the truth is just pure dumb luck.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hollywood Gnus

Hollywood Gnus reports that Joan Rivers has signed on to play The Joker's whiny, spoiled mom, in the next Batman movie. Needless to say, we at Hollywood Gnus are excited that
all the make-up costs for her part canl be re-directed to needier parts of the movie.

Rumors that Donald Trump will be creating a brand new villain with the name "Mr. Pomp Adore" are at this time unsubstantiated, but the possible reunion of the two has been eagerly anticipated by many readers of Hollywood Gnus.

Thanks for letting us be your Gnus source and remember, "Getting your Hollywood Gnus anywhere else is a Gno Gno!"