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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Come on America, let's get Radical!!!

I submit to you that Malik Hasan did NOT act alone. There WAS a conspiracy.

It was Malik AND........the voices in his head.
Why was he even allowed a place where the inner turmoil he faced on a daily basis was allowed to be nurtured?
How can anyone expect a Muslim man in the midst of a war to keep any sort of brain wave normalcy?

I do mostly blame Hasan, don't get me wrong, but for the sake of all this is NOT politically correct, the signs were there.

So the voice of the of the "Radical Islamist" wins out over the voice of the "Good American".

The Islamist voice tells him to praise allah, kill American soldiers, and claim his rightly earned virgins in Islam Heaven.

By the way, do you know what the difference between a Radical Muslim and a Radical Christian is?

A Radical Muslim features Malik Hasan killing American soldiers in the name of his god.
A Radical Christian features Jim Elliot preaching the Gospel in Ecuador, and quite literally losing his head, and perhaps in an even more "Radical" part of the story, the wives of the slain missionaries coming to Eduador and FORGIVING the Waodini people.

1 comment:

Jamie Dawn said...

What's wrong with you?
Don't you know that Hasan is a good American?
Jeffrey Dahmer was a good American, and so was Ted Bundy.
If only all of us could strive to be like these shining examples of what a good American looks like.
Murder plus a dash of terrorism makes for the best American possible, so in that regard Hasan outshines Dahmer and Bundy.

You are so right. The signs WERE there, in plain sight. We are living in a very messed up world.
God forgive us and help us change the direction in which our nation is headed.
It is time for conservative thinkers to unite and reclaim our country!!!