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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hollywood Gnus: American Idol Edition

Let me evidently be the first Hollywood reporter to report that the person in this picture is NOT Gene Simmons.
IDK who this yayhoo is, but it's not Gene.
I wonder if even Paul was fooled by this bad imitation.
Evidently the rest of the US was fooled.
Not me.
It's bad enough that Paula lip-synched her smoke and mirror performance a few weeks ago, and now we're presented with a faux Gene?
Tsk Tsk I say to Kiss and AI.
I just might be done with all of you.......
In a lesser Gnus report, the bandmember in "The Cat" make-up is actually Joan Rivers. But we all already Gnu that didn't we?
All Hollywood Gnus reports are biased opinions and are sole possession of Hollywood Gnus.
Any semblance to the truth is just pure dumb luck.


Jamie Dawn said...

I don't watch AI. I got tired of it after season two.
I did see both Adam and Kris sing awhile back, and hands down Adam is the superior singer. BUT, AI is all about who calls and votes, so BIG congrats to Kris, a fellow Arkansan. This was a BIG deal here in AR.
So, someone impersonated Gene Simmons? I'm glad you were on the job to notice such an infraction!

Aunt Jo said...

maybe gene just got peppy in his old age.......

Jamie Dawn said...

Gno more gnus???

Jamie Dawn said...

I guess you are all about Facebook now, and not into Blogdom anymore.


I've been MIA for awhile on all fronts.

Hello to the whole family!!! I hope you had a nice summer.

Anonymous said...

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