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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Casting Gilligan's Island

Finally, Hollywood has decided to do a re-make with great meaning.
Gilligan's Island is going to the Big Screen.
I'm going to do them a favor and over the next few days I'll be casting the movie for them.
The bill is in the mail.

Let's start with The Professor, formerly played by Russell Johnson.

I'm not a fan of this actor?, but will bite the bullet and give him the part anyway:


Matthew McConaughey can bring sexy back to Science and Boatmaking 101. I"m sure "Real" Island filming
will give this actor? a chance to do what he does best. Build a boat with his shirt OFF. Also, this may actually be the first time this actor? really has to act.

Let's move on to The Skipper, formerly played by the mucho underrated Alan Hale Jr.

My pick for this meaty role is former coach and sports analyst John Madden.

Just be yourself John. No acting required!

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