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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Last American Hero.

This is a one-day rant.
Tomorrow I will be in a good mood again.

This is hard to digest.

This is what our country deserves?

American voters (at least over half) just threw the country out with the bathwater.

What does it say about us when a real American hero, a man who has given his lifeblood for this country, a man whose experience and strength and patriotism have been deemed the wrong choice for President.

And what do we get instead of experience and wisdom?
Nothing of substance, except a walk and talk so smooth it can move masses of people just by moving its lips and saying nothing.

This is what we deserve?

This country is supposed to pull together now?
Someone help me.
Help me want to help him.
Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and Frank?
This is what we deserve?
Somebody slap me. Hard.

Folks, John McCain is the last true American Hero we'll ever see running for President.
The LAST hero.
America doesn't want heroes anymore.
America wants fence riders and white flag wavers.

That's what we want.
The problem with voting 'Present' instead of Yes or No reveals a man's character and ambition.
Ambition wins.
Character is weakened.

Americans lose.


Aunt Jo said...

Dear Batman,

Does this mean you will not be running for President?

Your Friend,


ancient one said...

That may not be so. We have American Heroes right now fighting in Iraq. Who's to say that none of them will run for president?

Me, I'm not whining. I think GOD knows what HE is doing.

Uncle Joe said...

Ancient One,
you're right.
of course I know that.

I've been extremely quiet about the election and I just need to vent.

Jamie Dawn said...

I was disappointed too.
Your rant has been read, and you've been heard.
Now we move on.
We look ahead.
We pray for President Obama and for our nation.
We speak out when we disagree, and we call our congress people when they want to pass legislation that we don't like.
This is your blog.
Vent whenever you want.