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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Silver Medal Psychology

Here's an interesting article from

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Friday, 22 August 2008
We start with the revelation that there is a solid scientific reason for calling this the Half-Full Report. Psychological researchers have studied silver and bronze medal winners over the last several Olympics. It turns out that, on average, the bronze winners were happier than the silver.Those that won the silver were filled with regret that they didn't win the gold, while those that won the bronze were happy they got a medal at all rather than nothing for finishing fourth. The lead researcher, Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University, summed up the lesson learned:"The key to understanding happiness is not to think about it as a trait but as a talent. Happy people have a talent - they are able to argue that life is a glass half full."Happy people look at life as a glass half-full.
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This reminds me of the time I came home with a 2nd place trophy from a judo tournament.
My dad asked me, "Why didn't you win 1st?"
(uh.......because he outweighed me by 40 lbs and was 3 years older than me. duh)

Check out the website if so inclined.
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lesliereid said...

Interesting! Once my dh came home from a golf tournament and when I asked if he had won, he said "no." A few days later I found out from someone else that dh had won 2nd place.

Seeker said...

Why didn't you mace and roll him?

Aunt Jo said...

You'll always be 1st place with me Joe. ;o)

Jamie Dawn said...

Okay then, I'll settle for a Silver medal.
I deserved Gold though, and that stupid, half-blind judge didn't give me my just due!!!!
Silver it is.
Dang it!

The Doozie said...

When life hands you silver medals, use them to choke someone

Aunt Jo said...

Dooz you should fashion your silver medal into a ninja star.

jennifer said...

I don't know if you have ever listened to Glenn Beck on the radio but he says basically the same thing about being the third most listened to radio show in the country. Third is a great place to be - the pressure is off!


Jamie Dawn said...

Howdy, just checking in to see if there's anything new here.
There's not.
Oh, pooh!