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Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 or 9 Years of Crazy.

Just a few wonderings of late.
Why oh why pray tell oh why pray tell does the lid from the gallon milk bottle keep disappearing?
Why oh why do we hear it being chewed by Shelby the Collie two days after it disappears, just in time for a new full size gallon milk to show up in the fridge?

Does she suddenly crave a drink in the middle of the night and forget to put the lid back on?
Something to chew on.

Why please tell me why didn't we have our icemaker fixed on our fridge when it first broke 6 or 9 years ago?
Why oh why do my kids put empty ice trays back in said fridge and drive me crazy on a daily basis?
Don't you think one-time charge to fix the darn thing would have been easier than 6 or 9 years of crazy?
Something else to chew on, after you spit out the lid to the milk jug of course.

Why someone please tell me. Why did I forget the main thing I was wondering about for this post? Why?
Lend me your ear. Pray tell, and lend me, your ear.
Something else to chew on. Not your ear of course.
Please don't chew on yours or mine or anybody's ear lest I call you Mike Tyson.

Please don't make me call you Mike.


Jamie Dawn said...

Chomp, chew, munch...
your ear tastes kind of salty.

We don't lose the lids to anything around here.
I don't allow it.

I drink tap water with no ice. Problem solved.

Aunt Jo said...

I was just wondering the same thing about the ice maker right before I read this post. :o) Our next fridgiator will have ice in the door!!

Leslee said...

I'm chewing on a straw right now. I wonder why when I tell Peanut to take something to the trash it only makes it to the counter NEXT to the trash can.


jennifer said...

*thinking to myself because it could be rude to actually say it in comments* hmmmm, a sign of age? I forget the other thing it is a sign of....