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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Butterfly Girl Sings for Show-and-tell.

I finally talked Cassi into letting me bring my guitar and playing while she sang at Friday's Show and tell.

I've never had a more proud "Dad Moment" with her as I did Friday.

She fought through embarassment and nerves and sang her heart out.

We sang 'The Summer Wind' originally heard by my ears being sung by Frank Sinatra.

When she was finished, the classroom exploded with applause.
Shouts of "Cassidy, YOU are so GOOD!!!!" could be heard.

Her teacher and a former teacher were almost speechless.

I'm not prejudiced. She was that good!

My youngest daughter desperately needs this affirmation from her classmates.

It was truly a magical moment.


jennifer said...

Uncle Joe, will you pass this message on for me? Thanks.

Miss Cassidy,

I know it seems that Parents ALWAYS say that their kids are good at things. It's hard to get up in front of our friends and let them see us in a way that is different from the usual way. I think that you are so BRAVE. I am proud of you for trusting your Dad, who wouldn't hurt you on purpose for anything. He just knows how talented you are and wanted YOU to know how talented you are.

I have one request. Next time, even better than pictures, get Dad to post a video. I would LOVE to hear you sing!

Now throw those shoulders back, stand up straight, and think "I AM the next American Idol in my classroom!!" :^D

Keep singing,


And P.S. to Uncle Joe.... Awwwwww!

HogHead said...

That was just totally G R E A T, HogHead and Condr chic would like you all to set up a gig next time the train rolls in.

Anne said...

What a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!! I bet you were so proud!

HubbaDood has been taking percussion lessons and he plays the bongos while I play my guitar - I just love it!

Groovy Mom said...

Aw, that is SO cool! I can almost feel what she felt. Those moments are so important growing up. Good for you on facilitating that one!

I agree with Jennifer. Next time take video!

Uncle Joe said...

Sorry, we don't own a video recorder.
It's in the budget to buy sometime this year.
Stay tuned!!!

jennifer said...

YEA! Pictures! Isn't Cassidy a pretty young lady. I appreciate your letting me know these were here.

On the video thing... I have posted ONE home made video on my site so, you know, that makes me an expert. I used the video feature on my digital camera. Digital Camera's are not as expensive these days as they USED to be when I first bought mine.

Depending on what or how much you want to video, that may be an option.

You just wouldn't believe how self-taught I am in blogging and posting pics and videos. It has been a success story for me, not because I am all that great, but just because I am doing this at all. I have always been a techno DUH and when I sit back and look at all that I have figured out how to do in 5 months time, I have to do a happy dance!!

{{{Hugs}}} to Cassidy and thanks for sharing!

Be Blessed.


R said...

how cool! Wish I could have heard it!

Jenn said...

Hey, that's great! (and very brave of both of you!)

Seeker said...

Wow, Cassi. Good for you! I would love to hear it with my own ears.

Merisi said...

What a dream for a sweet little girl like your daughter, to be able to sing along with dad! :-)

Here spring is teasing us with summery winds. I listen to the melody ...

Bee Repartee said...

I saw this at Auntie Jo's.


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad she got the affirmation she needs and deserves. I hope she is still flying high from her moment in the spotlight.
Hooray, Cassi and Dad!!!!!!

Aunt Jo said...

For her next performance, Cassi wants to sing at church! She told me 'Mom the decision has been made'

Uhhhh Ok sounds good to me.

Thank you Joe for giving her an opportunity to shine in front of her peers. I think she needed to hear cheers for HER and her only.

I just wish I could have been there too. (Stupid work!!)

Sandi McBride said...

Do we have another American Idol in the making here? Perhaps she could enthrall dear Simon with her dulcet tones? Sorry you didn't tape her so we could hear her beautiful voice! Ask if she might tape a little something for us.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Beautiful! Your daughter is an angel. I wish I could have heard her sing that lovely song. Who knows...maybe Frankie, old blue eyes himself was listening!

Way to go, Cassi!