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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Batman, Spiderman, and Butterfly Girl.

Cassidy's 2nd grade class was given a cool assignment. Each student was asked to pick an insect or an animal. They were given the weekend to prepare a handwritten report which they were to present orally to the class.
Cassidy selected "Butterflies", so our weekend was centered around Butterfly books and building a "Diarama" sp?
AJ and I both decided to attend the 2 or 3 minute presentation.
Cassidy did a wonderful job. She had prepared well and pronounced new words such as, nourishment, thorax, mimicry, and antennae ,flawlessly, though seeing the word antennae made her say 'antler's' the first few reading attempts.
Cassidy repeatedly turned down my offers to dress up like a huge butterfly and fly into the classroom unannounced.
Do you think dad would actually embarass her like that.
She's also refused my offers to show up at "Show and Tell" as Robot Dad.
She could say "My dad is a robot and I could walk robotic around the classroom and bump into walls and stuff.
What's wrong with her?
Doesn't she appreciate me?

The next kids topic was "Spiders". He was very soft-spoken and spoke with a slight " lithp" due to some missing front teeth.
The students were allowed to ask questions or give comments.
After the students had finished their questions I raised my hand.

When he nervously pointed to me, I asked the all important question. A question for the ages:
" Ummm........Can Spiderman beat up Batman?"

Poor kid. He didn't know what hit him.
Five seconds of silence and then I smiled and laughed and then the kids turned around and looked at me and started giggling.
Cassidy looked at me very red faced and said, "My dad likes Batman".

Then a kid yelled very loudly "BATMAN WOULD TEAR HIM UP!!!!"

And a little child shall lead them........


Anne said...

I bet you're a fun Dad. :)

R said...

You sound like a fun dad.

That was awesome. LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

My heart goes out to Cassidy and Carly, as well as my own two kids. They all have upredictable dads who are prone towards the absurd.
These kids don't realize how lucky they are!!!!

Batman WOULD destroy Spidey. I agree with that kid.

david mcmahon said...

You and I could do our Superhero impressions in school next Monday.


Aunt Jo said...

I love it when you act silly:o)

jennifer said...

I can't fully commit to the Spiderman/Batman debate. BUT, Batman has by FAR the coolest....costume? Outfit? Ensemble? Duds. And the Batman chin trumps the Spiderman rump (cause you cant see anything under the cape) AND his gadgets ROCK.

So Batman beats Spiderman in, um, ess eeee ex appeal. But that's all I'm saying.

Now what is up with these kids? I make fabo offers like you did with yours ALL THE TIME and they politely decline. "NO! Don't even think about it." Cause they know if they would just give me the thumbs up......

Thanks for your visit. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you!


Jamie Dawn said...

I hope Batman has some good stuff planned for AJ.
She's a special mom.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Laughing out loud! That kid set you up right and proper! I love it!

doozie said...

Not sure if you knew, but Fred is back blogging