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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Cassi Jo.

3 years ago I did a post called something like: Dear Cassi Jo.

Bloggers would ask her quesitons and she would answer them with her 5-year old God given wisdom.

I thought it might be time to try it again.

Actually, she asked if she could do it again. Since she's 8 now I bet she has way lots more to say.

So here we go....
Let me ask the first question.
Dear Cassi Jo, I have trouble sleeping at night. What should I do?

love, Dad.


Groovy Mom said...

Dear Cassi Jo,

How do I make my nine year old keep her room clean?

a frustrated mom

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Frustrated Groovy Mom,
Ground her if she doesn't keep it clean.
If she doesn't listen to you,
whup her butt!

Maybe you could pay her 10 or 20 dollars for keeping her room clean. That's all. Thanks.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Dad,
Go to bed earlier and don't stay up until, like, 6 o'clock in the morning.

jennifer said...

Dear Cassi Jo,

I am not a good house keeper. I like to blog, and write, and eat, and scrapbook, and.... anything but clean house.

How do I act like a big girl and do the "not fun" stuff?


Dust Bunny Hostage

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Dust Bunny Hostage,
Okay, like, do one part like clean up the kitchen and THEN do something fun, like scrapbooking.
That will make you happier!

jennifer said...

I love ya Cassie Jo. That makes SO much sense. I will try it today.

Hope Bear E. White II wasn't too over the top for you. My 12 year old daughter had a giggle-fest when she read it.

Bloggy Bay-beh!


lesliereid said...

Dear Cassi Jo,

Could you please tell me something healthy to cook for dinner that my kids will think is yummy?

a frustrated cook

Groovy Mom said...

Well, thanks Cassie Jo! I have a feeling cold hard cash will do the trick!

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Frustrated Cook lesliereed,

I like ToeJam on whole wheat toast!
Just kidding!

My mom makes a good lasagna and sneaks spinach and vegetables in it.
(you may have just stumped Dear Cassi Jo as a heated discussion is taking place between the mom and Dear Cassi Jo)

jennifer said...

*This is Emily, Jennifer's 12 year old daughter*

Dear Cassie Jo,

My Mom is on the computer all day and I get like 10 minutes for Webkinz. What should I do?



jennifer said...

Dear Cassie Jo,

I am having trouble with a smart mouthed 12 year old. What should I do?



psst, Uncle Joe, I have a post up of Emily playing in the band at school. Cassie Jo might enjoy watching this one. Not quite so.... unique? Not sure WHAT you would call that last one.

Did Cassi Jo enjoy the YouTube video of Barry White? He does have a very nice mellow voice. Glad that I could contribute to her music education.

. .

R said...

Dear Cassi Jo,

My neighbor still has not repaired or replaced my mailbox which he has partly destroyed almost a year ago. I hate talking about money to people and my husband hates it too. He just plain hates confronting people. I am at the point where I will just replace the thing myself and slip the bill in his mailbox since it has taken him so stinking long to get it fixed as promised.

Do you think that is a good option for a person like me who hates to talk about money?


Hopeless R

david mcmahon said...

Dear Joe,

Don't come home at dawn .....


doozie said...

Dear CJ:

I have issues with stinky bath water. Why does it smell like machinery oil? I just poured a gallon of bath salts in it and it just now turned bright red, do you think I should get in it?


Dirtybathwater in Delaware

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Emily,
When my mom is on the computer all day I WHINE a lot!
Sometimes she gets off.
Tell your mom to go on a date with your dad.

Cassi Jo

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Jennifer,
If she's smart mouthed, make her walk the dog and do the dishes.
Sometimes my daddy might have to "whup' me and send me to my room.
I hope that doesn't have to happen to you.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Hopeless R,
Here is what the note should say:
(Use nice words like), Please, why didn't you fix the mailbox, so now I'm going to have to fix it.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear DB in D,
No. don't get in it.
You should take a shower OR just pour water over yourself with a hose.
Good Luck.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm enjoying the wisdom that is being dispensed by Miss Cassi Jo.

Here are my questions:

Dear Cassi Jo,

1. If your name wasn't Cassidy, what name would you want?

2. Who is a better cook, your mom or your dad?

3. Did you enjoy singing for your class? Please tell me how it made you feel.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Jamie Dawn,
I like the name GiGi.
Mom makes the best oaties, dad makes the best egg sandwiches.

Singing for my class made me nervous and excited at the same time.
Who is the best cook in your house?

doozie said...

Dear GIGI:

I've been told that pantyhose are evil. Have you ever been attacked ;by a pair of pantyhose? Do you think the only good use for panty hose is if you want to rob a convenience store? I hope this is not too much for you....I'm not sure how old you are

person who has issues with pantyhose in pennsylvania

Sandi McBride said...

Dear Cassi Jo, my eight year old granddaugher, Arianna gets very upset if she thinks someone doesn't like her. Do you know how I might convince her that it's ok if the whole world doesn't love her as much as we do?

Aunt Jo said...

Dear CassiJo,

How can I get my two daughters to stop fighting?

How can I get my husband to stop snoring?

Ho can I get rid of dry skin on my elbows?


aka Mommy

Uncle Joe said...

check back tonight for more answers.
we've had a busy day today!

Jamie Dawn said...

I am the best cook in our house, although Keith has a couple of very tasty specialties. He makes Italian sausage & linguini which is yummy, and he makes Eggs with a Hole In It which the kids really, really like.

Cassi Jo,
You are such a cutie! You are talented and lovely, but most of all you are sweet natured and loving. You bring sunshine and smiles with you everywhere you go.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Joe,

Thanks for your kind words this weekend.

Davey Mac!!

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Panty Hose Person in Pennsylvania:
You can go to church with the pantyhose on your legs.
They are not evil.
If they rip just go to the store and buy some more.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear Sandi,
Hopefully that person who acted like they didn't like her should apologize.
My teacher says that everybody should be friends.
Tell her that her family has been with her, her whole life, even when she was born and know her a lot better than anybody else.
So she should listen to her family.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear aka Mommy,
I would make my daughters hold hands, kiss, and put soap in their mouth until they stop fighting.
Stick some breathing stuff in your husbands nose so he can stop snoring.
You should go to the dr. about your elbows.
That's all.

Uncle Joe said...

Dear JamieDawn,
My dad makes the same kind of eggs. He calls them Eggs in a Frame because that is what his mom called them.
Thank YOU! (for the nice things you said about me)

doozie said...

I want in on this advice stuff man....

Hey mommy with kid/snoring/elbow issues!!!

You should prolly sand your elbows on a grinder and that should do it, as for the snorer, putting a pillow over his head til he stops breathing. If you have troubles disposing of the body consult "forensics for dummies". As for those fighters? I wouldn't put soap in their mouths but I would put duct tape ON their mouths. In addition to that I would make them clean a toilet every time they fought for no good reason. Sometimes there are good reasons to fight like if someone takes your ipod and bakes it in the oven, or if someone pee's on your bed to mark their territory

Uncle Joe said...

Daggone it!
This is CassiJo's forum.
She's a whole lot nicer AND wiser!

Have you been sniffing Pine Fresh Glade again?

Sandi McBride said...

Thank you Cassie Jo, you're a very smart little girl...I'm going to pass this on to her because I think you gave the perfect answer. What a sweetie you are

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

She is as cute as a button.