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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Uncle Joe Celebrity Quiz.

I've met or seen very few famous people in my life. Here is a multiple choice quiz of actors or singers I've actually met or sighted.

I shook hands with this 70's teen hearthrob at a concert in the 80's.

Was it:

1) David Cassidy

2) Donny Osmond

3) Bobby Sherman

4)Shaun Cassidy

In 1986 I was in Sante Fe, New Mexico eating dinner with some relatives at a Schlotzsky's. What actor walked in the door and ordered the "Lumberjack Stew" and spent the evening nervously ignoring the stares while looking over a script?

1) Cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong)

2)Leslie Nielsen ( Airplane, Naked Gun)

3) Judge Reinhold ( Beverly Hills Cop, The Santa Clause)

4) Bill Murray (Ghostbusters, Stripes)

Also around 1987 I went to Branson, Missouri and was called up to the stage and made to sing and dance. What entertainer's female singer made them spotlight me and sang a love song to me?

1)Boxcar Willie

2)Jim Stafford

3)Ray Stevens

4) Roy Clark

In 1980 the NSU Jazz Band was asked to play for this Native American actors college reunion.

Was it:

1) Wes Studi (Geronimo)

2)Will Sampson ( One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Outlaw Josie Wales)

3) Jay Silverheels ( The Lone Ranger)

4) Graham Greene (Thunderheart)

The first person to guess all 4 completely will receive a copy of my autobiography:

The Story of Uncle Joe: Meanness Don't Happen Overnight.

Good luck!


lesliereid said...

1. Shaun Cassidy
2. Judge Reinhold
3. Jim Stafford
4. West Studi

A.Bananna said...

1. David Cassidy
2. Judge Reinhold
3. Ray Stevens
4. Wes Studi

Jamie Dawn said...

I dunno.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

1)Shaun Cassidy
2)Bill Murray
3)Roy Clark
4)Graham Greene

Well Uncle Joe those are my guesses, but I also have a question: What on earth is Lumberjack Stew? It sounds hearty and filling....what's in it?

Uncle Joe said...

Great guesses ladies but nobody's got it right yet.
LeslieReid has 2 right.

Lavinia Ladyslipper, I didn't know that Schlotzsky's even served soup, so that was a new one on me.
Maybe they only served it in Santa Fe.

lesliereid said...

1. Donny Osmond
2. Judge Reinhold
3. Roy Clark
4. Wes Studi

Bee Repartee said...

I don't know.

I'm so lame at this.

By the way, guess what I found in Mr Coffee's vinyl collection. Daryl Mansfield (x3) and two Phil Keaggy albums. No joke.

PS. I'm so happy you didn't talk about Oprah.

Uncle Joe said...

lesliereid has two right again!

Bee Girl, awesome on the vinyl find!

Aunt Jo said...

I would guess here but I have been kissing the judge and he told me all the answers. Haha

Actually I got 3 outta 4 right all by myelf.

lesliereid said...

1. Bobby Sherman
2. Judge Reinhold
3. Boxcar Willie
4. Wes Studi

Uncle Joe said...

lesliereid you're going backwards!
you only got 1 right.

david mcmahon said...


Hang on - I thought YOU were the only true celebrity!

lesliereid said...

1. Donny Osmond
2. Cheech Marin
3. Jim Stafford
4. Wes Studi

R said...

one two four four.

Uncle Joe said...

lesliereid has 2 right again!

Jamiedawn couldn't even take a chance?

AJ got them right by her elf?

Uncle Joe said...

a.bananna got 1 right
LL got 0 right.

lesliereid said...

1. Donny Osmond
2. Judge Reinhold
3. Jim Stafford
4. Will Sampson

Uncle Joe said...

Perseverance pays off!
We have a winner!!!!!!