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Friday, May 02, 2008

We have a winner!

Thanks everybody for playing!
The winner is lesliereid.
She will receive a copy of my autobiography: The Story of Uncle Joe: Meanness Don't Happen Overnight.
It's about 4 thousand pages long. Since meanness don't happen overnight it's a day by day diary beginning in Kindergarten when this mean kid named Robert Healey stole my toy gun.

Here is an explanation for the random celeb meetings.
I was the only boy for years on my mom's side of the family. Lots of girls meant that when visiting, sometimes for weeks at a time in the summer, I was prone to their influence. They LOVED Donny Osmond!
Donny and Marie came to Muskogee for a concert and Donny came out to front of the stage and started walking over the chairs shaking hands. My cousins and my sister rushed the stage and got caught in the crowd. Meanwhile Donny made his way around the crowd stepping over chairs and stepped in the chair right next to me, where my cousin Lisa was siting before she rushed the stage.
I shook his hand, took a picture and then gloated to my cousin that Donny had actually stood in HER chair!

Judge Reinhold came walking into the Schlotzsky's in Santa Fe and ordered "Lumberjack Stew".
"Judge, your order of Lumberjack Stew is ready!", was announced to his dismay over the intercom.
I still don't know what Lumberjack Stew is.

Jim Stafford's singer told the audience, "I saw a guy with some great legs somewhere over there and made them spotlight where I was sitting. (I was the youngest male in the audience so I guess her statement HAD to be true)
She walked over to me and took my hand and then made me sing part of Great Balls of Fire and then said "Show them what you can do!" and I danced with her. Then she sat me down and sang a love song to me and when it was over I thought about laying one on her right there on the stage.
My mom was in the audience and called her the Sultry Singer in the Green Dress. haha.

I was in a jazz band that played for Will Sampson's college reunion in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. We stood in a circle and talked with him for a long time.
A genuinely nice man.

In other news: My heart echocardiogram came back and the results showed NO MAJOR CHANGE, STILL STABLE, maybe even a slight improvement!
Thank you if you've been praying for me.
I think my family has noticed a change in my outlook on life recently.

One of the books we had to read in high school was Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
This is a little known fact, but did you know that recently an early Bradbury manuscript was found entitled Gesundheit! 451?
It's based on the premise that if 451 people around the world sneeze at the same time weather patterns across the world will be affected.
Tsunami's, Tornado Alley, you get the idea.
Cool huh?
Sort of an early version of The Butterfly Effect.
That Bradbury is a genius.


lesliereid said...

Yea me! Wes Studi was throwing me off. He seemed so obvious. Robert Healey was a mean bully and I tried to avoid him. Congrats on the heart news.

Anonymous said...

I liked all the celeb facts. Thanks for sharing!

Uncle Joe said...

We have a witness that proves I'm not making this stuff up.
Robert Healey is Two-Face to my Batman.

david mcmahon said...

I didn't know that about the book title. I didn't know that about the Sultry Lady!!!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Well, Uncle Joe, I guessed all much for my woman's was really out to lunch wasn't it...and I was so SURE that my answers were right on the money..

I seriously think you might have stumbled onto the next major meteorological discovery with your startling Geshunteit 451 theory. IF only Einstein were still alive, he'd be so excited over this...

Good to hear about your test...I didn't even know you were having it...but now that I know...I will include you in my prayers.


Jamie Dawn said...

I liked this entire post, but everything was overshadowed by the GOOD news about your heart.
I thank the Lord for this!!!!
I hope your outlook on life continues to improve as does your ticker. I know we cannot predict anything about our health or about much of anything, so when I hear good news, I get super happy!
I am HAPPY for YOU!!!!!!

Uncle Joe said...

Thanks everybody for your prayers and well wishes.
It means a lot to me.
Jamie Dawn if I'm happy your're happy.
I mean vice versa.


Aunt Jo said...

UJ asked me to call the cardiologists office to check on the status of his report. See, I have this "voice"....this professional voice I can use on people to extract information. I spoke with the nurse and she read the report to me....the doctor came up behind her and grabbed the phone and I got to talk to him. I actually heard him say the words "slight improvement". Yay!

Sunshine in Oklahoma is making making us all feel better these days. Y'all should see UJ working around the house and yard. You would all be so proud!:o) (it really is sexy too, not that y'all care about that.....)heehee

Uncle Joe said...

Mama always said, "Sexy is as sexy does!"

or is it the "Mustache?"

ancient one said...

Congrats on the good report from the echogram!

Interesting stories about all the celebs you've met. I know they were all excited to finally meet Batman!!

R said...

I am teaching 451 next year. Haven't read it yet! Agh!