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Monday, April 21, 2008

From Ray Charles to Elijah.

Last Sunday I got an emergency phone call from Shannon.
Shannon is the "Beale St. meets Jesus" singer from our now defunct (defunked?) band.
She had been asked at the last minute to sing a special for the evening service at church.
What most of you probably don't know is that I haven't played piano in over six months. The band broke up and my energy level told me to give it a break for a while. I took a 6 month break.
A 6 month break for me meant that piano never crossed my mind.
I immediately told her I hadn't played in 6 months and she was really taking a chance in asking me.
I said yes, knowing that if it sounded REALLY bad I could change my mind.

She came over for a 2 hour practice in which I struggled and wore myself out.
I finally agreed hoping for a last minute miracle.

Here is what happened.

We walked to the front together and I said something stupid like:
"For those of you who haven't heard me before I DO apologize for what's about to happen".

Then I play a D flat chord.
The song is in E flat.
I looked down at the piano with a strange look on my face and look up at Shan who is smiling sheepishly.
I proceed to play the intro to the song which does NOT have anything to do with the song we practiced.
I looked up at Shan fully knowing she did not know what I was playing, so I start humming softly the melody until she figures out what I'm trying to do.
She makes it through two lines of the song and then whispers "Here, you sing for a while....."
I didn't even have time to think..."What??????"

So I bravely start singing my version of "Precious Lord".
Did I mention that I haven't sung in 6 months either?

I close my eyes and do Ray Charles justice. The train's finally taking off and you'd better jump on if you're coming with me. hahaha.
Shannon caught on somewhere in the middle and really belts it out.
I'm still sort of shocked that I had to sing,and I don't know if I'm supposed to stop or keep singing, so I keep singing.
I think we were singing the same song.

When I looked up the congregation had left.
Just kidding.
We got the obligatory hand clap and then I lost consciousness as I had to walk back and sit by my wife. I really have no memory of that.
One minute I'm at the piano and then like Elijah I'm whisked away.

AJ said I didn't really STINK it up, just sort of messed it up.
Poor Shannon.
Somehow I don't believe I'm going to be on Shannon's 911 list anymore.

(ps. Shannon is a local police officer)

pss. Comedy in Church can be a good thing.


Jenn said...

Your introduction doesn't sound stupid at all to me.

Aunt Jo said...

They made a joyful noise and made everyone smile.

You could tell they "messed" up only if you had known what they practiced. It was good and funny!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I'm sure you are being too humble; and that you did just fine. You sang from the heart; the Lord heard you.

Very funny joke about opening your eyes and seeing the congregation had left...

Jamie Dawn said...

Precious Lord is a wonderful song, AND AJ said you didn't stink it up.
So.... no worries man.

R said...

I don't even know if I know Precious Lord. I am not a good Christian. I never listen to Christian music. But I write it!

It sounds like it went well anyway. Didn't know you played the keys.