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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's the Message?

Let's say we COULD march to Washington D.C. before or after the election.

What would you say to the President or Uncle Sam?

What clear, concise message could we convey that would make it absolutely clear WHAT needs to be changed?


Groovy Mom said...

Good question! I get a little tired of hearing, "It's time for a change." without getting any specifics about what will actually change.

Jamie Dawn said...

Raise taxes and I'm gonna cut off your balls!

That'd be my message to the new prez.

Aunt Jo said...

Be honest!

Stand up for the little guy!

Love your wife!

Stop spending my money on stupid stuff!

Go to church!!

In the most respectful way of course....Mr. Prezident

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Easter to you, AJ, and the girlies.


Anonymous said...

I would inform them that my "stimulus" money will be spent on frivolous things like food, instead of what they wanted us to spend it on like the "economy" I'm not sure what an "economy" is but I dont like it and I want to stab it

Anne said...

I would tell them I don't believe they need to earn a paycheck OR a lifetime paycheck. It's nothing but the ultimate popularity contest.

AND - I'm sorry to say this BUT, if I take the time and effort to make something of myself and grow a good business I SHOULDN'T be penalized for succeeding!!!!!