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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thoity Years.

I just returned from a meeting for my 30 year reunion.
Since I have nothing to do I've been helping find 'lost' classmates.
Seems I was the only one with the brains to think of going to for clues.
I have changed a lot physically since high school. No longer weigh 140 nor have the football helmet hair.
I have no hair at all actually.
Why did I put myself through the torture of meeting with a bunch of ladies (I use that term loosely) who are still as stuck-up and self-absorbed as they were in school?
The guys that have been helping didn't show up tonight, so it was me and some members of a former 'girl club' from school.
Something like Decca, or Gunaike, or Nike, or Future Airheads of America.
After their 'ten minutes of astonishment that I didn't look like my graduation picture anymore I wanted to stand up and shout:
"You all look like GRANDMA'S!!!!!"
Then I realized they were grandma's.
Then after listening to them gossip for ten minutes about classmates, I wanted to yell:
"You all LOOK LIKE GREAT GRANDMA'S!!!! At least I've always had MANNERS!!!
But I didn't.
I kept my cool and tried to make them laugh.
Now we're bestest of friends and I can't wait to spend two whole days with them at MY reunion.


Bee Repartee said...

It's the Blue Helmet Society. Please make a note of it.

Bee Repartee said...

Hey, you are funny. Do you know I think that lady Aunt Jo is flirting with you?!

Anne said...

I hate reunions - especially high school reunions. Everyone expects to see you as though none of us never change. I think actors have that same problem every time they're in a movie. We say... "ma'an, she's gettin' old."

Uncle Joe said...

Well seriously,
I could see the 'little old lady' coming out in them and they don't seem to be aware of it. Denial can be a wonderful thing evidently.

Groovy Mom said...

They're all still stuck up 30 years later? That's pretty sad. Makes me wonder if it's because they never really got a life. I'm too busy and happy to be stuck up. (But then I wasn't stuck up in high school.)

Aunt Jo said...

you look waaaay younger than your age so you don't look like a grandpa yet....except for that one gray hair that spouts from your eyebrow.

i bet you don't make it the whole two days. i know you and you will not be able to tolerate all those grannies with their clique-ish, better-than-you attitudes. (then again you will be sitting with your rowdy crowd making fun of them.)

will the film crew from Class Reunion on Bravo be there?? if so i want to watch. what character would you be? the tall-dark-and- handsome-funny-guy-with-great- lips-with-formerly-wavy-hair?

Jamie Dawn said...

If you want, I'll show up as one of your "lost" classmates. They will REALLY think I've changed!!

Them: Wow!! You don't even look like the same person!!! Didn't you used to be Mexican?

Me: Yes, I was Mexican, but I had a Caucasian transplant and got my boobs reduced.

Them. Oh.

Me: And by the way...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes it's tit for tat, and you have to go alone to your reunion cause that's how it is, it is what it is