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Friday, March 14, 2008

Presidential Pastor?

Read the story at this linky winky dinky .

Then comment and begin the gathering of the marchers.

The candidate says he doesn't agree with this specific message.



Leslee said...

I had no idea you were so political

Uncle Joe said...

i'm not political.

Aunt Jo said...

Wow. That is very controversial! I don't know if I really want to put my thoughts out here for all to see. Maybe we can have a private session??

In the interest of his political career, he did the right thing by distancing himself, but it is probably too late. The words have been said and the media will eat that up. Isn't it amazing that those words have come back full circle in seven years? seven is complete.

Bryan said...

"i'm not political.

Well said. Or to be more accurate, well written. :)

Anne said...

When are we marching? Are we heading to the capital? What is our message?

Jamie Dawn said...

It's about time Obama got the scrutiny that the other presidential candidates have gotten.
Mitt Romney's Mormonism was a big issue in the media, as it should have been. It was not wrong to ask about Romney's religion and how it might affect him as president. But it's unfair to single out one candidate and give a pass to another.
In Obama's case, we have to wonder about his judgment in choosing to be mentored by this man and attending his church for the past twenty years.
I was glad Obama spoke out against his pastor's 9-11 sermon, but not all of what I've seen and heard lately came from that one sermon.
I need to know that our next president is proud to be an American. Proud through and through, from their head to their tippy toes.