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Friday, February 01, 2008

Did You Ever Know That You're My Zero?

When's the last time you had a Zero Candy Bar?

Well that's too long.


Uncle Joe said...

I ate TWO today.

Aunt Jo said...

Wanna know how many zeros I have had in my entire life? I know the exact number. ZERO.

Anne said...

I used to love Zeros. Now I'll eat just about anything with milk chocolate. I used to love Caramelos too. :)

P.S. I went and watched that homeschool video of Brian's.

I guess I need to be rethinking since Fred's gone. I have tears.

Replicant said...

I love Zeros! When I lived in Seattle I used to want one but they aren't available up there so when I'd come home I'd buy some to take back and store in the fridge. Old school candy bar.

Jamie Dawn said...

I have no memory of it, so it has indeed been many moons since I ate a Zero.
You ate two and made up for me not eating one.
I am trying to lose weight.
Zero bars are not on the diet plan I have set for myself, and posting pics of them is torture.
You are being very mean.

Groovy Mom said...

I have never had one. Like jo, ZERO.

Uncle Joe said...


not groovy.
we're going to send you a zero.

Jamie Dawn said...

All I have to say is,

"Buhlud! Not funny!!"

My son and I watched that video several times and cracked up over & over. We called Keith in to watch it, and he cracked up. That's a goody!

Aunt Jo said...


Jamie Dawn said...

Zero candy bars do not contain enough fiber.
One needs to eat sawdust along with the Zero to insure quick digestion.

Kids should not curse even if it is very funny.
One should not laugh at cursing children.
You are headed into hell's fires for proliferation of childhood cussing.

Aunt Jo said...


Jenn said...

Did you know that zero is a hero?