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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our street light went out.


Granny Annie said...

That's the beauty of living in the country.

So, Green Country Joes and Grand Lake Granny Annies. Obviously we're in and around the best area in Oklahoma.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey you met fellow Okie blogger, Granny Annie.

Youz guyz can zee ze startz now.
Zat is zuper!

Bryan said...

If you live out in the country that's nice. But if you live in the city it seems kinda' weird when that happens. Ever since that last ice storm hit, the street lights have been out down along Patti Page Street here in Claremore.

Anne said...

So now you can see the stars. We have a prision behind our house - the security lights glow for miles. It makes my soul ache.