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Monday, January 28, 2008


Q-Dad, why do you make those strange faces when you play the guitar. Why do your lips move weird like that?
A- Because honey, your dad is a musical genius and music pours out of his face and lips when he plays guitar. It's not necessarily a pretty thing.

I was making a sandwich yesterday: Two pieces of bread, cheese, deli sliced turkey, mayo (instead of my usual mustard), no pickles so used dill pickle relish.
Q- Why does my sandwich have a very strong "tartar sauce" influence?


Aunt Jo said...

yea Joe DUH!!

Emma Sometimes said...

As long as you don't play geetar with your pooping face, all is well in the world.

Most rock stars play guitar with their pooping face on.

Groovy Mom said...

Pooping face? Bwa ha ha ha!

You play with that face because you are "giving birth" to a new musical creation. Right?

(Or a new poo.)

Jenn said...

Is Qanda related to Qanza?

Anonymous said...

I ate a red candle last night

Jamie Dawn said...

Keith and Tay were in Little Rock at the Van Halen concert last night. They saw them in Fresno, CA with my dad awhile back. I told Taylor that Eddie is not a god. He is only a mere human who makes facial contortions when he plays like a genius. All genius guitarists make facial contortions when they play. And, yes, it is an ugly sight.
Also, in addition, too, mayo is sinful and must not be eaten. Those who eat it will surely suffer eternal damnation. Repent and be cleasned!!