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Monday, December 25, 2006

2007 Car Models We'd Hate to See

Ford Peon

Ford Flounder

Lexus Beignet

Chevy Reflux

Lexus Lethargee

Plymouth Molester

Jeep Creeper

Cadillac Spiro Agnew Model (Mark Foley?)

Oldsmobile Antithesis

Ford Federline

Buick Blogger

Send in your vote for: 2007 Car Models We'd Hate to See.


Aunt Jo said...

Nissan Nemesis

Plymouth Pooter

Saur♥Kraut said...

Merry Christmas, my friend! And since we've had a Probe and a Volvo, I think we need a Dodge Dyck.

Aunt Jo said...

Jeep Groper

Mitsubishi Mentalilty

Dihatsu DiRhe-A

Aunt Jo said...

Ford Fart

Mitsubishi Mosey

Lexus Lollygagger

Aunt Jo said...

Lexus Limone

Chevy Hoofer

Ford Percolator

Dodge Meander R

Nissan Nerdy

Jeep Odius

Volvo Blunder

Ford Foozle

Jeep Jester


uncle joe said...

Good job AJ, you're off the naughty list...

Leslee said...

wow, AJ came up with all the good ones. Darn.

Jamie Dawn said...

The commenting problem has been solv-ed!!

AJ's Ford Fart would have been perfect for my great grandma. She tooted as she walked. It was really funny!!

Aunt Jo said...

Ford Fester

Kia Zero

Jeep Geezer

Aunt Jo said...

Mercedes AS-GAS

Bryan said...

How about a Toyota Telethon?

Works for me. :)