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Friday, December 22, 2006

Good News and stuff.....

Okay, theres a bunch of stuff if I can remember it all:

Jesus is still King and I'm still an idiot sinner.
I know the Bible says some good stuff about me but most of the time I'm an idiot.

JamieDawn is back. Go say hi and welcome back.

CassiJo is singing....Away in a manger...............the little lord Jesus asleep in his bed...

I am addicted to Claussen pickles....

I actually accomplished quite a bit on my list of Resolutions 2006. Quite amazing actually.

I still want to learn to play the cello.
Why? I don't really know. Something to do with pure sound, I think.

We joined Netflix.
If you want to be our Netflix friend, let us know and we'll add you to our "Friend" list.

It's the second day of Christmas break and the girls are already bored.

AJ is pregnant.
Or as a friend of mine used to say: Pragnet.

Just kidding.

I've learned this year that I am a "purty good" Guitar player. "Pretty Salty" on that gittar.
A lot of practice has made this happen.

I still have 1 more present to buy.

I have less energy than I did at the same time last year.
But I am STILL Batman.
Go ahead Leslee (hallelujah!) challenge me....!

I need a haircut. Challenge me on that one too!

Most of this I'm making up.
No really? Uncle Joe, surely you jest!

Buy-buy me a present and I'll love you forever.


Aunt Jo said...

Good Lord UJ are you high on pickle juice??

One more present to buy?? I hope it is pretty shiney "jew-ree"!!
For mmmmeeeeee!!!!!

P.S. Did I get off the Naughty List?

ANP said...

Just how high is the sodium in that pickle juice? I'm pretty sure your elctrolytes are all out of whack.

uncle joe said...

ANP, Whut? I can't hear you.....!

Emma Sometimes said...

I think the vine-ay-ger is killin his brain cells, like.

dad, gum, I hope yer gittin' AJ some good loot. My hubby bought me a high falutin' washer machine. So big I can bathe the kids all at once.

And I aint jokin! (bout the hubby buyin part)

Leslee said...

Jesus is King and you are an idiot, but that's nothing new.

Yippy for JamieDawn

CassiJo is so precious

You are a pickle AND and idiot

You finished something you started? That's amazing!

I think you should learn to play the cello.

Nickel gets movies from Netflicks, I don't mess with it, I just go to Hastings when I want a movie.

The girls will have new toys to play with soon to help get over the vacation blues

Poor AJ, has to put up with you.

I'd come listen you to play guitar again, but just not this year.

IF you were Batman you'd have energy. Therefore you cannot be Batman. But I think we covered that in the last post, didn't we?

I'm always up for a challenge, but you need a haircut you look like a dang hippy!

You do jest.

Feliz Navidad!

Aunt Jo said...

Leslee: Joe showed up for lunch bald. He shaved off all his hair this morning.

Leslee said...

Hmm... guess he's not a hippy anymore!

uncle joe said...

Feslee, there's gonna be some rules posted just for you on MY blog.....
Wait til New Years and you can make the resolution NOT to do these things anymore....

Rules will be up 1-01-o7

Aunt Jo said...

So, 2007 will be the Year of Rules?

Leslee said...

Well, you know, rules are meant to be broken! But I promised to be nicer to you until then so I'll just refrain from saying anything else.

1-1-07... just a few days away.... !

Leslee said...

tick....tick...tick... Monday's coming!