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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Reading is FundaMENTAL

I am reading a book that is not about baseball.

The book has over seven hundred pages printed with very small letters.

Larger print would have made the book a million pages.

I am on page 70.
Update: I am on page 120.

Pray for me.

Blogspot will not let me download the cover picture.

Out! damned Blogspot.

Sometimes I hate Blogspot.

The link above probably won't work either.

Oh, me of little faith.

The book is entitled: "THE FIRST AMERICAN: The life and times of Benjamin Franklin. "

You should read it too.


Aunt Jo said...

Since I sleep with you and you talk in your sleep, I will just wait for the midnight synopsis. :o)

Saur♥Kraut said...

I once read a great biography on Lincoln by (I think) William Saffire. It was an excellent book.

Seeker said...

Are you sure it's not about baseball? A blogged book report would be nice.
p.s. I don't think the link worked.

guitarman said...

Uncle J,
Sounds like a good book..
Any ponies in Ben's Bio?

uncle joe said...

Midnight Synopsis: sounds like a cool name for a rock group.

Saur: I'll read that book next.

Seeker: I'm patiently waiting for Ben to pick up a bat and at least hit an apple..

G-man: If there's not I'll go back through and mark out buffet and put in the word pony.

"Ben carefully chose which "pony" he would eat..."

Jamie Dawn said...

That book is sure to be very interesting because Ben Franklin was quite a guy. He invented a LOT of things, and he was very intelligent and witty. He was also quite the womanizer.
Enjoy your long book with the tiny print. May you reach the end soon and rejoice in your accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

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Anne said...

That has W-A-Y toooo many pages for me. If it was a nutrition book I probably would give it a shot.

Anne said...

Molly Hatchet OUT!

Leslee said...

Yes, you should do a book report when you finish! No more then 300 words, typed, double spaced, watch your grammer, and no coma splicing!

Aunt Jo said...

I am waiting very very patiently for you to be done so I CAN read it too. :o)

PS Why is there a kite in our bedroom?

Seeker said...

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
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Have your milk and cheese.
Build up healthy sons and daughters;
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