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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Something Rash...

I hope you appreciate me for sparing you from the pictures of rashes I found on the internet.
Rashes are a terrible thing evidently.

Okay, if you are brave enough check them out here.

Please don't look at them immediately after eating fatty or sugary foods.

If you do look at them, please call your loved ones immediately and tell them how much you appreciate them and love them, in case you ever get a bad rash and lose all your friends.

Put a section in your will that states if you die from a bad rash, anybody who quits talking to you while you are suffering from said rash will be taken out of your will.

Stay out of the bushes! Stay inside where the only rash you will get is a heat rash, slightly less intense than if you were outside and got a heat rash. Throw away your Lance Armstrong Cycling suit. Buy new looser fitting undies for pete's sake. There must be air flow down under.

Carry one of those Larry Hagman mini anti- smoke fans and from time to time and stick it in your pants for a few seconds of breeze. ( Men, use only with extreme caution)

I remember Church Camp when I was 12. This now famous brother sister duo decided they would lie down like a piece of lumber and roll down this very large hill. What happened made them legends the rest of the week. The were covered head to toe in the worst rash I have ever seen. They did this on the first day of camp. Seems they forgot? they were very allergic to certain types of grass. Their parents were called to pick them up and they were taken directly to the hospital. They were never seen again. Well, I guess their parents kept them and didn't just leave them at the hospital. I don't know that for sure though.

Have a good weekend bloggers, wish you were here to help us FINALLY! move.......


Aunt Jo said...

Thanks for sparing us. I just ate some icecream and I want to be sure and enjoy it to it's full potential.

Oh yes! I am first! Didn't even cheat y'all!

The worst rash I had was an allergic reaction to Oxy Clean or something like that. I am allergic the active ingredient. I had a rash all over my chin and neck area and went in to my boss, a doctor, crying because I was so ugly with that rash. He just laughed and gave me a shot in the booty that cleared it right up.

Another pesky rash of sorts is shingles. I had a small quarter sized outbreak a few years ago during a stressful time (about August 14, 1993 I believe haha just kidding Joe! That's our anniversary!) Since I work in a medical facility, I was able to get treatement lickety split and it never got any worse, but I have seen some AWFUL cases of shingles as you can imagine working in a medical facility.

ok back to work for AJ.
just had to get a blogger break!

back to moving!

Seeker said...

I'd come and help you move, but you see, I'm itching from head to toe after viewing those photos...

Anonymous said...

i'm brave enough to click on that link, and i will be back after taking a look

please don't have any moving to do when i get there. i can't be bothered with such trivialities

i'm allergic to moving

i like the fan idea, down the pants, thats a real good idea there uncle joe. real smart idea.

Anonymous said...

i hereby proclaim that aunt josephina is banned from being first, that she has to excercise self control, and wait and let someone else be first. she obviously has the advantage, what with living in the same home as you, i'm fully aware that she is lurking around the corner, just chomping at the bit, til you get done posting, and she jumps on the computer and immediately posts her "i'm first" bragging session. and when i get there, i'm going to prove this with a camera. although i already have good proof, i have examined the times of your posts, and her comments, to come to my conclusions.

Anonymous said...

i have viewed the rashes.
while they are certainly gross, i would have to say that i've seen way yuckier things. such as STD rashes, and such.

another thing that is really disgusting is a diabetic ulcer, take a look see at one of those, and you really will puke.

skin cancer things from chewing tobacco also.

the worst rash i had was really not a rash, but rather hives from an allergic reaction to medication. that was a nightmare straight from hades, that i would not wish on anyone.

Anonymous said...

do NOT click on this unless you have a very strong stomach.

you have been warned.

and now, i promise that i will stop commenting on your blog, and go do something else.

Leslee said...

UGh! Susie, those were gross!!! I hope I NEVER have anything like that!!! I couldn't stick around to read the article. Your pictures were worse then Joes!

Hey,Joes, ya'll take it easy on my friend Susie when she flies down to visit you!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy moving!
I look forward to your posts and pics from Susie and Dyl's visit. What fun it will be!!
I hope none of you has a rash during the visit or gets a rash after the visit.
Rashes are usually accompanied by itching. Rashes look ugly, but I think it's the itching that is the worst. At least, one could cover up a rash, but one can never stop the itch.
I mocked you several times over the weekend, and I am mocking you now even as I type this comment.
Just thought you'd like to know this.

Hello to AJ!!

uncle joe said...

Okay Badoozer,
I could have put worse pics of rashes on my link, but being of sound mind, I chose not to.
We can always look up to you to to find the good stuff and not to spare us....!!!

Jamie Dawn, you can't mock me, I'm a heart patient.....

Leslee, We can't promise anything.....

Saucy said...

Do you use your grappling hook to as a tool when you move or is that against the bat-rules?

Saur♥Kraut said...

YEEK. This entry just makes me break out into a rash!!!

Gwynne said...

Well, it's about darn time I stopped by over here. It took Susie visitin' to see what you guys were all about. And what do I find but a reminder of the worst rash I have ever suffered in my life. Thank you. Thank you very much. 8-}

But I'll be back, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess. ;-)

Anonymous said...

no posts from poor batman. being kept too busy by gob-boy. melting stuff. doing stuff. weird stuff.........

Seeker said...

UJ, how about posting a photo of ol' Nub.

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