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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Post #112

This is officially Post #112
(pics later)
Here is our week in a nutshell: Flesh Wounds, Princesses, President's Daughters, The lost art of Compromise, Dirt, sweat, Strawberry milk, Pop-tarts, Top-Parts, Mac's upside down hamburgers, Napoleon Dynamite, The Soldier formerly known as "Ted", Time travel, Sam&Ellas vicious tasty gut buster Pizza, SBD's (not to be confused with WMD's but almost as destructive). Humble apologies for said SBD's. Sad faces for possibly having no friends because of SBD's. Scrabble played with passive aggression, water balloon fight, sleeping til noon, game cube, Batman, Come back Dyl!!!! Hot fudge sundaes from Sonic, Kevin (Charlie cat)

Swimming at Ted's mom's house. Ted makes big splash, Dyl makes splash, Teddy does Pete Townsend dive, Ted eats AJ's chicken salad, Ted lives, UJ swims and doesn't die, Goodbye hugs and AJ tears, UJ hides emotion under Batmask, Carly cries, Goodbye new friends, Gobhole two minutes late at airport because of Goodbye hugs, two hour wait. Our lives feel empty on drive home. Back to reality. Back to school soon.

Back to bein' me...back to bein nobody, but who I was before I was your used to be, I'm back to being me......(George Strait)


Aunt Jo said...

I am shameless. I admit it. Using my girlish charms to be first on Offical Post #112.

Aunt Jo said...

I asked Dyl what his favorite part of his stay with Uncle Joe was. He said The Batfish Submarine, playing with Army men and the water balloon fight on the last day. They were all of Joe's favorite parts too.

Speaking of SBD's....Susie and I were in a tour of some beautiful rock formations and there was a large man who was feigning fear of squeezing through Fat Man's Sqeeze. He said he would start screaming if he ran into trouble while walking through. OK. So Susie goes in, followed by me then the Large Fraidy Cat Man. Midway through the 50 ft squeeze, he starts yelling, causing me to panic and scream myself. I got him back when I shot a SBD and let him walk through it. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. He shouldn't have scared me. (Susie got him back for me too....she goosed him later when we were in another darkish area.)

Anonymous said...

hey, can i officially be first cause batgirl cheated?

we need to expand on that story about the sbd's. i'll do that soon as i can. it was a real funny thing.

so UJ. i think we wore you out. Hopefully you'll want to see us again some day. oh, the times we had. wow. back in 82. when you could throw a pigskin a quarter mile. those were the days.

i'm not making any sense. i have severe jetlag.

what does that mean about compromise?


Seeker said...

OK... back to normal.

ummm, normal?

uncle joe said...

AJ girlish charms = Get out of that chair now old man and let me be #1!

Compromise = Little girls and little boy learning to get along.
Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

no, it's practice for later on in life when man and woman try to get along. we haven't been getting along ever since that darned apple. but i'll work on him, i promise

Reverberate58 said...

Sounds like you had as much fun as susie and dylan! Maybe a bit more! Glad dylan has a new buddy it will be good for him! Post #112 was fun to read! Did leave me with more questions than answers on somethings but Susie will fill in the blanks later I am sure!

the Prince of Thrift said...

hmmmm, interesting.

Don't forget to promote your nomination in the Blogs of summer. The voting for the cluster you were nominated for is at

Dapoppins said...

I am over here investigating the suspiciuos circumstances regarding Private Nub.

Looking for arms, legs and missing head.

EmmaSometimes said...

Silent But Deadly. No, badoozer would be LBD

Jamie Dawn said...

It is clear that you made a great impression on Dyl's life. I know that means a lot to Susie and to Dyl.
Thank God for good men! My hubby is one of them, and I am indeed thankful.

All I can say is WHEW!
I'm sure AJ is showing signs of the Gobhole Phenom.
I hear there is no cure.

Anonymous said...

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