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Friday, May 05, 2006

Family Research

It has recently been pointed out to me that I have not been blogging.

I've been knee deep the last few days researching my family tree.

I did find this interesting marker in the "Joe" family history.

Who are you related to? Famously or infamously?

Comment here or post about it and provide us with a linky k?


ANP said...

Will future generations' research show that I was the sister of Batman?

Jamie Dawn said...

Supposedly on my dad's side, there's William Wallace, the guy Mel Gibson played in Braveheart.
I come from Irish/Scot/English decent, and there's some American Indian on both sides. My great-grandmother on my mother's side, was actually a sqaw. The picture we have of her is VERY neat!

My dad did some study into our family tree.

Apparently, I am royalty and should be worshipped and adored and saying things like, "Let them eat cake." But, I don't flaunt my heritage.

Saur♥Kraut said...

In my post 6 Strange Things About Me, I speak of my ancestry. It's quite interesting, actually.

Seeker said...

You probably already read my post "Apple Pie", Feb.10, 2006. It tells about Brigadier General Horatio Gates being my great-great-great-great-geat-grandfather.
I put a link there; you can follow the genealogy through the family tree to find me. How exciting.
Other ancestors (Sanderson Family) arrived on American soil from England in 1630's.

EmmaSometimes said...

You have to read my post about blogplay..well, everyone else is posting links, why can't I?

I found out that my family tree does fork. Phew. Cause I wondered.

uncle joe said...


We found some interesting characters in my family tree last night. Cherokee Indians to English Majors. The major was tortured and burned at the stake! Whoa!

This is very addictive when you have success and find your family. I would love to see pictures of these people to see if there is any family resemblence. i have a picture of my gg grandfather and he is the spitting image of my younger brother. body shape/body language/facial expressions...everything. it is freaky! when i get a picture of my brother i will post pictures.

aaaawwww shoot, i just realized this is logged in as unclejoe. dang it.


Anonymous said...

does your tree fork???

do the apples fall far from the tree?

i am fairly sure i'm related to Jack Handey. I'll let you know. Just got to put in a call to him real quick.

yes, it was me who pointed out the lack of blogging. so lets all rally round, and support UJ, so he won't quit on us

Saucy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Joe, that was very hospitable of you.

June Cleaver's Revenge said...

I am related to Abraham Lincoln. This was kept a big secret in my family, because my gggrandpa moved to Louisiana just after the Civil War and it probably would have gotten him killed if he had mentioned it. So no one knew until my mother was doing the geneaology about 10 years ago.

We always thought the family tree was a secret because we had Indian blood. Turns out it's just because we were Yankees. Not just any old Yankees either....

Foo said...

I can certainly understand how the research would keep you away from blogging. I'm not currently in an active phase right now, but I can certainly remember how obsessed I am when I find a new vein of information.

"Sorry, Honey. No time for dinner. Gotta work the mine."

I've got a couple lines that we've extended back into the 16th century, but no one truly, recognisably famous. A couple of my dad's second cousins are mad scientists who worked with Timothy Leary in the '70s and are credited with creating the first house arrest device—but other than that, it's pretty much all a bunch of German and Alsatian dirt farmers.

Anonymous said...

i discovered i'm related to noah.
and smokey the bear

Jamie Dawn said...

No new post????


keesh said...

That is so cool! I should get more into that sometime. Last memorial weekend, I went to all my families graves with my Grandmother and learned so much!! I am really curious about my background, i know I have dutch in me, but what else? and the other thing is, where do you start?

Anna said...

I have an aunt and my mother-in-law who are obsessed with geneology. My MIL just started this year. My aunt has been at it for about 25 years. Between the two of them they're going to connect everyone in the world into one big family. It's interesting stuff.

Do you use any software that you recommend?