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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here's What we do know...

Here is a photo of my GG Grandfather Absalom Abner Bowling and my GG Grandmother Nancy Whitt Bowling.
Absalom and Nancy had at least 11 children.

Absalom lived a very adventurous life, probably not of his own choosing but out of necessity. Nancy's life has remained a mystery.

He was born in Breathitt Co. Kentucky the town of Crockettsville.

He was a prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia after fighting for the Union Army in the Civil War and later was on the Steamboat Sultana when it exploded near Memphis Tennessee.

He is buried very close to my hometown of Muskogee and SS records show he died in Muskogee in 1929.

What we don't know for sure, though initial research through several genealogy sites seems to confirm the family legend that we are related to the one and only Pocahontas.
There has been so much discussion and debate over this matter that testing has begun for those who wish to know for certain if their branch of the famiy is truly descended from Pocahontas. For only 99 dollars I can order a testing kit and solve the mystery once and for all.

There is also evidence on my dad's mothers side that we may be related to minor Cherokee Chief Joseph Raincrow. This appears to NOT be of high importance since no DNA testing has begun at this time.

I have found a few interesting nicknames for some of my kin.

William "Bluehead Willie" or "Primpy Bill" has conjured up images in my head of an uncle who seemed to inherit Primpy Bill's traits and whose behavior has been suddenly cleared up at least for me.

William "Blackwater Bill" whom I haven't even come close to figuring out.

Lots more that I won't bore you with now.

Unca Joe overandout.


Aunt Jo said...

Nancy's life remains a mystery??!! Are you kidding me??!! She had ELEVEN KIDS!! Her life was a mystery because she was busy cookin'and cleanin'and birthin' babies!

uncle joe said...

You goofball I know that.
and you know what I mean. you're just causing trouble.

Her family, the Whitt's remain a mystery.
Are you happy now?
Now hush up and change the baby's diaper......and get my vittles...

Aunt Jo said...

am not causing trouble!

hope you like cereal, cause that's what we're having for dinner tonight. :o)

uncle joe said...

haha i'm taking the kids to Pizza Inn...

Aunt Jo said...

wait!! wait!! i am hungry too!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

ELEVEN KIDS??? No wonder she looks so pinched!

Seeker said...

That is a cool photo. I love old family pictures. What would it be like to be able to go back and meet them, and get to know them, how they lived, etc?
Just saying....

Anonymous said...


AJ, she had AT LEAST 11 kids. they are not sure.

(i'm just messin witt ya UJ)

Jamie Dawn said...

Nancy and her hubby certainly found time amongst all the work to make a bunch of babies.
Poor Nancy's life has so far just been lost in obscurity.
I hope you find out something about her other than the fact that she was run ragged by at least eleven kids.
My grandmother (mom's mom) had fifteen kids.
One died as a baby, but I grew up knowing all the other fourteeen. What a motley crew!

You finally posted. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

hello, i'm here, stop ignoring me. start communicating with me, or i'll blow this blog sky high bat boy!!

Anna said...

That's cool stuff! I think family history is really interesting. There were a lot of Williams in the family, huh?

Ted said...

I had a cousin named bongwater bill and he made the water turn black

Jory-san said...

Bro Joe, I thought you were adopted or something from a lady in Tijuana. Do you have any documentation that you are, indeed, my direct brother?