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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Name That Band!

We (our band) are currently looking for a name for which to put the fear of God in sinners everywhere.
Ted has offered us Buddha's Baptist Twin.
That was quickly stricken down by the more serious band members.

I suggested Son Studio, but they all turned their head and ignored me.
Ted and I get no respect.

It is Christian Rock/Blues, guitar oriented music and yes, we will come to your town. Our singer is a female with a bluesy Beale St. meets Jesus attitude. The rest of us are just old and cranky.
Just seeing if you're paying attention here!
We accept major love offerings or major buffets whichever is easiest for you.

Our 1st performance will be at Muskogee's annual Chili cook-off on April 8th which brings out Muskogee's best and worst. We will be somewhere in the middle of about 20+ other bands all vying just to be heard over the din of bagpipes piping, clowns clowning, jugulars juggling, drummers drumming and a huge parade to begin the customary gluttony which is really the central theme of the Chili Cook-off.

So send in your names, silly or serious and invite all your friends over to Name That Band!


PrayerfulMom said...


LOL, name...hummmm what's in a name, I seem to have already been down this path a time or 2 myself and I too have no clue.
My 2 cents aren't worth the time given so I bow out haha.

Aunt Jo said...

League of the Son
League of Sinners
Wayward Saints
Shannon and the Boys
The Lyt

Replicant said...

off the top of my head:

the electric hymns

the book of joshua (as a tribute to yr cuz!)

Aunt Jo said...

golden band
band of wayward saints or b.o.w.s.

Aunt Jo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Saur♥Kraut said...

The Primitive Parsons
The Hallelujah Chorus

Aunt Jo said...

Five Cranky Guys and a RedHead

Aunt Jo said...

Bloggers for Jesus

Aunt Jo said...

River Town Praise

Aunt Jo said...

Mercy Seekers
Son Seekers
Seekers of the Son

Aunt Jo said...

Uncle Joe's Band
Cross Town Music Works

Aunt Jo said...

Unnamed Band
Anonymous Saints

Jenn said...

The Noodles
The Doodles
The Poodles
The Schmoodles

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenn said...

I just love it when the comment won't post and then it posts twice.

Seeker said...

I'm Thinking....

(No, that's not my suggestion for a name; give me some time to think about it. I just know I can come up with a winner....)

Jamie Dawn said...

1. I.O.U.

2. Rennovation

3. Joyful Noise

AJ is coming up with LOTS of names!!
I'd say she's put some thought into this.

Anonymous said...

I think AJ is on crack or either that or she really, really wants you to use one of her suggestions.

uncle joe said...

yeah she's on crack but where's your names badowser?

Aunt Jo said...


SOOOOZZZEEEEEE...the only crack i'm on is my own as i sit at this computer. :P

Seeker said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aunt Jo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Seeker said...

OK, that's better...

I'm still thinking. So far I only came up with:
Six strings plus One.

Jamie Dawn said...

What's all this crack talk?
You all crack me up!

Here's a few more:

1. Salt Shakers

2. Return to Sender

3. Righteous Rythmn

ANP said...

How about The Solo Socks - based on your life and a poem by Garrison Keillor. Here is part of it:

About missing socks, we have very few facts.
Some say cats steal them to use for backpacks,
or desperate Norwegians willing to risk
Prison to steal socks to make lutefisk.
But the orbbery theories just don't hold water:
Why would they take one and not take the odder?

Now, some people lose socks, and though you may scoff,
Some go to shows and have thier socks knocked off.
Some use a sock to mop up spilled drinks with
And some people just had one sock to begin with.
But for most missing socks, or sock migration,
Sockologists have no quick explanation.

How about The Lost Socks?

uncle joe said...

We could call the follow up movie The Search for Socks.
Leonard Nimoy could play me and William Shatner could play Roy.

Aunt Jo said...

We'll have none of that sock talk. It gives me nightmares...Sock Monster!! Sock Monster!!

Anonymous said...

comment record alert!!!!! even in spite of AJ's shennanigans.
how about

Anonymous said...

i vote for jamie dawns righteous rythmn. until i think of one that is

kinda kooky

sorta scary

buncha band geeks

quietly chosen

chosen to praise
chosen few
chosen saved
divided we sing
united we sing
standing united
sing 2 R Son

best for last
ringing true
token gratitude
taken to task
gangsta gone praisers
joyful gangsta's
lollygagging lunatics
Cross our Hearts
Cross to Die
Die 2 Him
joyful jocks and the redhead

okay i saved the best for last no???

uncle joe said...

I thought of Salt Shaker but they won't go for it.
CrossTown is good.
Righteous Rhythm sounds fun.
Electric Hymns.

Hal Le Lujah
The Schmoodles.
Desperate Norwegians
Joyful Gangsta's
Primitive Parson Project
Joyful Jocks and the Redhead is the winner!

Ted said...

Sleepy Jesuits
White people with a purpose
Roy's Government
Red Roy Review
Jesus wannabes
Church of Saturday Paints
Anti scoffers
Old Punks on Grape Juice
But Seriously
Soup for Essau
Ballam's Ass

Ted said...

Protestant poster children
Foot washers union
hymn phoenix and her

Ted said...

Red's Regalia
The comb over choir

Anne said...

Am I too late for this party?

Ten Talents

uncle joe said...

I am a sinful blogger who doesn't deserve to have a blog...

Hallelujah, repentance works every time....It's back!!!!!!

EmmaSometimes said...

Beale St. meets Jesus

Anonymous said...

OK two more from me:

This Changes Everything (with a cross for the "T")

No Compromise

Aunt Jo said...

I am anonymous


Aunt Jo said...

Heart Calls

Aunt Jo said...

Life In Tune

Aunt Jo said...

Love in Tune

Replicant said...

electric hymns!

or 40 Years In the Desert

i might come down for this chili cook off gig as i like the chili cook offs...

uncle joe said...

40 years of Dessert!

Anne said...

Do we have a winner yet?

Aunt Jo said...

Hello Band....aren't you glad we have such great blogger friends who love to think of names?? arent they great?

May God be glorified in whatever name you choose for yourselves.....

Aunt Jo said...

Hurry and post the new band name!!
I am very excited! I need to get my t-shirt printed....and they need to know what to put on it. haha