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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

AJ already used the only pic's we could get from the concert, so I'm left with bath soap.

1st Disclaimer: For those planning on seeing Mr. Buble' in concert please be aware that the language from Mr. Velvet Voice during his monologue-segues borders on a PG-13 to R rating. If you can get over that shock after realizing there are several children in the audience then you may actually enjoy yourself.

2nd Disclaimer: If you hate strangers seated next to you doing the Steering Wheel Dance all night long then you should stay home and watch Dancing with the Stars. I personally began to like the Steering Wheel dance after finally getting used to her driving in my lane every other beat.

Otherwise, run, don't walk to the next Mr. Bubble concert with your significant other by your side. If you don't have a S. O. then rent one. Or call AJ and me, we would be happy to take you.


Saur♥Kraut said...

:D I'm picturing the steering wheel dance...

Aunt Jo said...

I never even saw the dance...i was watching my friend, Michael Buble' sing to me.....

PrayerfulMom said...


Anonymous said...

if you take us, do we have to pay your way? and yes, as saur said, i need more of an explanation of the steering wheel dance, as i have never heard of it.

i don't generally like going to concerns etc. i hate nosebleeds. i feel like i can't move at all or i will topple. as you know, i am somewhat of a clutz, so you can understand my concerns. i did see third day in nosebleeds, and i just loved them to pieces. all to heck. i did.

you should have beat him up for singing into AJ's eyes like that. did AJ try to crowd surf up onto stage or throw her bra at him? did he give her a backstage pass? really, what happened after ward that you are hiding from us.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad a good night was had by all.
Maybe those smells AJ was talking about came from Steering Wheel Dance lady.

uncle joe said...

The Steering Wheel Dance:
Hold your hands and arms up in the 10 o'clock (left) 2 o'clock (right hand of course).
Now get a big smile on your face because you are trying to maneuver your car from the balcony to the mezzanine to the floor and then right into the arms of Mr. Bubble'. On your way down adjust your shoulders to the tempo and swerve left, now swerve right. Swerve left, now swerve right. Put right foot on the accelerator in beat with the music. You may close your eyes when you approach ALL red lights and just FEEL your way through.
There you have it.

Anonymous said...

wait, wait, did she snap her fingers too?

Seeker said...

Speaking of bubbles, that's what it looks like in that picture from the concert (over at AJ's blog).

Aunt Jo said...

Those are Buble' Bubbles. They were on sale in the balcony section. :o)

Anne said...

He spoke foul language? Count me out.

Did she play air guitar on that steering wheel?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Happy St. Patty's Day, Unca Joe!

Jenn said...

You guys have some interesting hobbies.