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Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogger Woes

Wow, the response has been really overwhelming!
Blogger is just not being kind to me or anybody else lately. Should we start our own club?

We will be choosing a name at band practice tomorrow night hopefully.

AJ was trying to post to her blog and accidentally posted to mine, so this post will take the place of hers.

Unca Joe overandout!


Paige said...

Guiding Influence

Bar Bar A said...

Blogger is acting really stinky. I thought it was just my computer.

Jamie Dawn said...

I can SEE your blog now. I'm healed! Thank You, Jesus!!

Don't you just hate it when Blogger singles you out for torment?

EmmaSometimes said...

blogger can be evil.

Anne said...

Bad Blogger, bad blogger.

Luke said...

Blogger's been screwing with me too. It's very annoying...and they don't even have an update on their main page as to what's going on. Me=not happy right now

Saur♥Kraut said...

Well, we ARE a special breed.