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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mr. Chicken,The Scenic Tour, Mace and Roll.

AJ and I went for another jaunt to Mr. Chicken in Wagoner this afternoon.
Just she and I. I and her. All by our lonesome.
I could get used to the quiet.
The food let us down a bit this time but we did get to take a leisurely drive back home.
The scenic tour, so to speak.
You know "The Scenic Tour" drivers don't you?
We are the one that YOU honk and cuss as you drive around us while we go 10 miles below the speed limit.
My dad is King of The Scenic Tour Drivers.
No doubt about it.
He will also pull up behind a driver who is turning, and instead of pulling into the open lane to pass the turner, he will wait.
As long as it takes.
Back to today:
AJ was driving and soon I found myself to be in unfamiliar territory.
Narrow two-land roads with johnson grass so high on either side that daylight would soon be a memory.
Johnson grass high as an elephants eye.
It was only 2:00 in the afternoon.
Soon we found ourselves in a place called Toppers.
Trailer courts, trash in the ditches, high weeds.
She was a bit quiet and soon my imagination took a dark turn.
"She's going to off me out here in the middle of nowhere"
So I looked at her and said, "Are you going to off me right here. Push me out the car and watch me roll?"
"Are you going to mace and roll me?"
I love the expression on her face when I ask asinine questions.
The we drove into small quiet marina.
Nobody there. Just us and molasses thick Oklahoma air.
I yelled, "You are going to off me and leave me here to die, arent't you????"

She just did a U-turn and got us back on The Scenic Tour Route.

Oh well. Maybe next time.
See what poor AJ has to put up with?
Don't you seriously 'feel' for her?


david mcmahon said...

Er, um,

I'm too chicken to answer that!

Aunt Jo said...

The imagination is a strange thing no??

What if I was just lookin' for a sparkin' spot?? Huh? Didja think about THAT!?

Sandra Ree said...

lol I enjoyed this post, wonder what that says about me?! Congratulations on Post Of The Day with authorblog!

Akelamalu said...

You obviously have the same sense of humour, a bit like my man and me! Loved this post.

Congratu:)lations on Post of the Day at Authorblog.

Merisi said...

*giggle* May you always enjoy your outings as much as this one! :-)
Your story reminds me of an outing with my great aunt Theresa. My brother, known for taking the most scenic routes imaginable, had been driving already for hours on one fine Sunday afternoon, with auntie and his mother. Reaching another intersection from where to go even further into the unknown, all of a sudden auntie's voice came up from the backseat of the car: "Remember that I have got no passport with me!" They were hours from any border.

Congratulations on winning David's "Blog of the Day" award!

Bee Repartee said...

I think Scenic Tour Drivers are related to Sunday Drivers...but no relation to Pass Me On The Right Again and I'll Shunt You Like Total Burnout on X Box.

I need to shorten that name.

Isn't it weird when you are out sans kids? It makes you wonder if you left the iron on at home. (forgetting something?)

Aunt Jo said...

Wow. you got an award for your paranoia?? you're good. :o)

next time you drive and I'll make fun of you ok?

lesliereid said...

Wow, maybe you are lucky to be alive! Or more likely the humidity caused your brain to swell and your imagination to go all paranoid. I hear that happens sometimes. No, really.

AJ, surely you don't have to wait for him to drive to make fun of him?

doozie said...

I think she totally should have offed you. Did you check the trunk for a shovel? I bet there's one in there, just waiting for the right opportunity

Aunt Jo said...

Thanks for outing me DOOOOOZIE!

Aunt Jo said...

so, Joe, wanna go for a ride tomorrow?? :O) You can drive this time!!

R said...

That was funny. I pictured the whole thing in my head and chuckled.

You two are too much.