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Friday, May 23, 2008

Shenanigans and Hooligans

Did anybody get to watch the TV Land Show, High School Reunion?
You may or may not be turned off by the drama which occurs naturally at these real life events.
AJ and I watched it, mainly because she shared the same graduation year of 1987.
Sometimes we laughed and sometimes we nodded our heads in bewilderment of the happenings on the show.
I would like to announce that the previous mentioned show has NOTHING on the MHS Class of 1978.
You want drama, comedy, "I couldn't make this up stuff"?
Welcome to the upcoming (June 20,21) MHS School 30 Year Reunion!

Am I right lesliereid?

lesliereid started a website for our class and the response has been phenomenal.
The message board has been hot with activity in more ways than one.
Classmates who were keeping hidden secrets are finally finding the freedom to come out and express their joy!
Classmates (yes, okay. I'm talking about me)who were already nuts are proving their behavior in high school was no fluke. Their personalities were fully developed while in high school.
Why change something that is already perfect?
I think we had over 500 in our graduating class.
I remember back then hearing that almost 700 had actually begun the year but only 500 made it through the entire year to graduation for one reason or another.

Based on comments from the message board here are the upcoming episodes:

Episode 1 of MHS 30 Year Reunion: Glen OR Glenda?
Episode 2: Hey man, your mom is HOT!!!
Episode 3: Hey girl, your mom is HOT too!!
Episode4: Everybody's mom is Hot!!! Let's get wasted!!!!
Episode 5: I put the "Dis" in Gruntled!
Episode 6: Come on really! Glenda or Glen?
Episode 7. What happened in the basement STAYS in the basement!

Stay tuned for more hijinx from The MHS Class of 1978


Bee Repartee said...

Now I actually wish I got cable.

87? Now did you wear pegged stone-washed pants with your pink shirt and blazer? Cause that was rad

lesliereid said...

Absolutely right. And please, no fist fights.

Aunt Jo said...

I personally CANNOT wait for this reunion. I am going to keep my eyes and ears open and camera on for covert and not-so-covert photo ops.

If you all decide to come, I will be the the young wife taking pictures and laughing. :o)

I have heard stories about these people for 15+ years and can't wait to put some real (albeit older) faces with names.

The HS Reunion show was a hoot. The participants were sometimes true to their labels "Bully" "Rebel" "Drama Queen" "Girl Next Door" etc, other times you could see how much they had grown over the years.

Groovy Mom said...

Ew, my ten year sucked so bad, I didn't dare go to the twenty, and I can't imagine wanting to spend any time with most of those people at the 30. Sad, huh?

Sandi McBride said...

Ok Joe, it's official. You're nuts. But Lord you're fun! Hope Jo appreciates living with a comedian...tho I'd bet money you don't make her laugh half as hard as you make us I right? Okay, sent the money order payable to...

Bryan said...

Yep, my class has had a web site and message board since around 2000. It's been a great place to hang out.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, man, I can't wait to read your post AFTER attending this monumental event.
You and AJ will have fun!

doozie said...

I'm pretty much not a fan of high school reunions, could have something to do with the fact I was a nerd. Did I just say "was"? I mean 'am"

david mcmahon said...

Even though I went to school half a world away, two of my classmates and I live five minutes away from each other.

And the son of one of them went to kindergarten with my son!!

Small world, huh!!

Davey Mac