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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bush is a Celebrity!

I have NO ideas for a new post.
My head is still swimming from all the activity surround my upcoming 30th High SchoolReunion.
There's a reunion meeting tonight I'll have to miss because of my birthday.
Glen or Glenda will be there. Also the "hey, your mom is Hot!!" guy will be there too.
The "you don't look like your yearbook picture!" Grandmas will be there too.

I'll try to get a video of our band playing reunion night. If I look like a doofus or my head is glistening brightly I probably will not put them on here.
My family has always wondered why I make funny mouth movements when I play.
I've seen some other guitarists who are real jazz players do the same thing and it's a very irritating thing to look at, so If I do post a video of me playing just look at my amazing hand/finger ability to virtually play ANY chord at any time.
I'm really a virtuoso!

At this very moment I'm wondering where we'll eat tonight for my birthday dinner, just happy to still be here on planet Earth.
My dad came over earlier and gave me my birthday present.
He's never been one to splurge on birthday or Christmas. Normally he gives me or us something very useful or practical. In his carpenter days we always received something handmade.
Today I received a "Bush Celebrity tomato plant. Actually two of them.
"Now son, those are Celebrity BUSH" plants, NOT plain Celebrity plants! There's a difference you know!"
I actually love tomatoes. I love his gift. It's simple and it's a gift that will keep on giving as the gardening season progresses.

Summer break has started off on a quiet note. Cassidy spent the night with Nana last night and Carly's been on the computer all day.

Have I bored you enough?
Thanks to all who have wished me a happy birthday or called me.
I appreciate every one of you!


Aunt Jo said...

Did you have fun tonight?? I did. I enjoyed the quiet time, the food, the laughs, the deeeeesert, frappaccino, shopping and......;o)

I am glad you are on planet earth too.

Ideas for posts:
1. a song you wrote
2. excerpt from the message board
3. make up High School Reunion names for all the participants. You would be The Guy Next Door or Everybody's Big Brother
4. Take some silly pictures
5. Take/post pictures of your highschool, your old house, your old hang outs etc
6. tell the story of how we met
7. list the things you love about me. haha that should be a short post.
8. strangest highschool memory
9. favorite teacher and why
10. who you are looking forward to seeing and why
11. who has surprise you the most in contacting you
12 reasons for me to stop this list
13. guesses at how many ideas i can come up with
14. vacation ideas
15. ways to save money
16. alternate uses for doghair
17. best garden tools
18. alternate punishments for children not involving physical harm
19. ways to embarrass teens in public
20. songs to walk to

ok that's all

That frappaccino came in handy! I am still buzzing from the caffeine.

Thanks for sharing your boobah with me today.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh you do make me laugh. My son (check out the Progressive Journal sidebar thingy on my website)also plays a mean guitar and always tries for the "man am I bored" look when he first starts out, but the grimaces soon follow riff after riff! He's even gotten my DIL to start playing bass...she's pretty darned good, too! Please do add the video of your group, I'd love to see it...

Aunt Jo said...

so what if i can't spell.....dontcha love me anyway??

Aunt Jo said...

so what if i can't spell.....dontcha love me anyway??

Groovy Mom said...

Tomato plants. cool! My daughters got tomato plants from their grandma last weekend too. They were thrilled. They named them Tanya and Bobbi.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm a day late, but I hope your b-day was terrific!
Tomato plants - great gift. Every time you eat those tomatoes you'll think of your dad.
I hope you enjoyed a yummy b-day dinner and lots of love and hugs from your three favorite girls.

jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday!

Love how sweet Aunt Jo is. Couple who love each other bless my heart. And although I am seeing a one sided conversation, how can you not love a woman who tells you on your comments that she enjoyed "and.......;0)"

Take care Uncle Joe and tell Cassidy I said hello.

Be blessed.


lesliereid said...

Tell us something new, please. Birthdays can't last forever.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Just catching up here. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Also, wild horses could not drag me back to my high school reunion.