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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dad's got it going on!

I make breakfast for CassiJo on most mornings.
It's a game with a fine line. I have to use psychology sometimes to get her to eat something healthy.
The other day she kept refusing "oaties", but when I added "hot chocolate" to the menu she offered a resounding YES with added head nod.

I sat the oatmeal in front of her within 3 minutes (yes, microwaved).
Although there is some question as to who makes the best oaties in the house the timing of setting the bowl in front of her caused this reacton:

GOODNESS dad, you're already done making the oaties?

Yes, honey. Dad's got it going on!

She looked up at me and then down at the perfectly microwaved bowl of oaties.

Mom doesn't have it going on!

She realized she may have said something unforgivable against the MOMMY and soon added:
I think both mom and you are the best cooks in the house. Both of You.

I can accept that.


Aunt Jo said...

Well, we ARE a team. :o)

Hey, but did you cut up the toast to put in in it? You know that does take extra time.

*and I DO have it goin' on* so what if it is late? haha

Jamie Dawn said...

My brother used to call oatmeal "Oat-uhs."
He was really cute back then.

Keith has cooked a couple of times within the past week.
He just had a hankering for some fat filled food, so he bought tons of sausage links and made spaghetti with sausage in it. It was sure goood, but very fattening.
Last night, he made his specialty called Eggs with a Hole in It. Actually, the hole is in the bread and the egg goes in the hole, but he's from MO, so I don't point this stuff out.

AJ's got it going on, CassiJo!!!!
She's got it going ON!!!!!
Good job on the oaties, UJ. I cook the one minute oatmeal on the stove and add fake sugar to make it sweet. It's pretty nearly divine.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Such a sweet story, Uncle Joe....! Oaties are Goody!

Thanks for your visit and your kind words, too!

Groovy Mom said...

Ah, a little diplomat!

Jenn said...

What do you call this psychology of yours?