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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Jokes on me and K-Fed.

Somebody from this guys show owes me some money or at least some props.

I remember noticing in 2006 or early 2007 that my site meter showed somebody from ABC was reading my blog.
My imagination led me to believe that finally I was being recognized as the "comedic genius" that only AJ and my family and a few blog readers have come to know that I am.
I am surely a LEGEND IN MY OWN MIND.
A few weeks ago the infallible site meter showed a few hits for "Ford Federline".

I remember making that up in a post entitled 2007 Car Models We'd Hate to See.
The Google search led to a page which somewhere near the bottom quoted Jimmy Kimmel.

Go ahead. Google "Ford Federline".
You know you want to.

(the second google "hit" has the Kimmel quote)


Aunt Jo said...

Poor KFed.

Groovy Mom said...

Oh, they totally stole that from you! Slimeballs can't write their own jokes, they're surfing the internet stealing from the real writers. We bloggers should stage a real writers' strike.

Jamie Dawn said...

Kimmel STOLE your thunder!!!!
This is - as my kids used to say - "ridicleeous!"
You were robbed!
Robbed, I tell ya!

Anne said...

That's pretty bad. Like you weren't gonna figure that out. The internet has made the world quite a bit smaller.

I would be asking for some moolaw. You need to write to them.

Jamie Dawn said...

You sure are a sporadic blog poster. I never know when you'll have a new thang up.
I hope your lipstick is a shade of apricot or burnt peach. Harsh reds wouldn't be good on you, and pale pinks would wash out your skin tone.
You can get away with using gold shimmer gloss, but not silver. Stay away from any green eye shadows. Stick with earth tones, and be sure to keep your brows plucked.

Jenn said...

They owe you royalties.

Dylangerous said...


Jamie Dawn said...