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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Long and winding road that leads to Peggs.

Have you ever had one of those days? One day out of maybe 1000?
Oh wait, please go back and read my last post. Read it with all the deep emotion I meant to write it with..................................................................................
Thank you for coming back.
The irony of this borderlines on ridiculous. Impossible. Twilight Zone stuff.

I was invited to go to Peggs, Oklahoma with my friend the Big Kahuna to watch the Nat'l Championship Football Game. Food, fellowship, football. Kahuna's brother in law Jarrod and wife Jerri
eagerly anticipated our arrival.
Peggs is 15 miles north of Tahlequah, which is 15 miles northeast of our home.

When we left our house we noticed lightning in the distance. Normally keenly aware of weather conditions, Kahuna this night was more concerned with food, as was I. Lightning in the distance viewable out of every window in Kahuna's Toyota Scion. The Box. We are riding in a box.
After stopping off at the local Tahlequah supermaket for Dt. Pepsi we notice the lightning is more intense everywhere. We are thinking FOOD, FOOTBALL, not weather. For pete's sake, this is January.
Two minutes later down the road, Kahuna's wife calls and tell him, "Turn around, there is a tornado north of Tahlequah.
As the rain begins, we look at each other and say "Tornado?" Where? This is January!
I try to call AJ on the cell but there is no signal. All I can do is look at her picture on the phone and yell "Ive got to call my wife and tell her I love her!!!!!" Kahuna laughs so hard he swerves into the next lane.
Fear or adrenaline keeps Kahuna driving. Surrounded by lightning that is dangerously close.
Two miles down the road all hail breaks loose. Large, round, bouncy hail. Pelleting the car and windows. The road begins to curve. Ice on the road. Two maybe three inches thick. We slide, straighten, and consider getting right with God. After all, I am Jonah. Kahunah has every right to throw me out. 70 degrees outside and thick sheets of ice on the road? What the?
Electricity is out at a store and then we see a car in a ditch and then a row of electric poles bending over or snapped in half. Debris everywhere, raining hard.
I look down at my clothes. I'm wearing shorts, tennis shoes, and a tshirt.
What kind of idiot am I?
I believe I will start drinking whiskey. This very night. Give it to me now.

20 minutes later we pulled into Jarrod's driveway road weary and full of adrenaline when a storm delayed text from Jarrod came on Kahuna's cellphone.
"Tornado directly over your head!"

"You know man, if we were cool we would walk in his house like nothing ever happened!"
He looks at me wide-eyed and says, "No man, that's not gonna happen...."

Uncle Joe needs sixty days of Sun in a row..........Please...I beg of you..


Jamie Dawn said...

All HAIL certainly did break loose!!
Years ago when I was in college in MO, we had a tornado come through town. We took shelter in the showers on the lower level of the gym building and sang I'll Fly Away until the storm passed.
This post cracked me up BIG time!
I'm so glad you all were safe.
And Rev. JD is thrilled that you decided to get right with God. Bless you and LOSE the whiskey!!

Bryan said...

Oklahoma weather. Gotta' love it, eh bro? :) Yes, I saw that same lightening last night too from Claremore! So you were over in it, eh? I thought about taking some pictures of it but was too busy making calls for Ron Paul. Though Oklahoma is known for its wild weather, last night still seemed unusual for January, you're right.

Anyway, glad you made it out alright.

Oh, have you seen that new series on the History Channel called "Monster Quest"? Check it out sometime, it's great! It comes on Wednesday night at 9:00.

Aunt Jo said...

We were watching Disney channel and had no idea what was going on until UJ called us.....of course then we were glued to the weather until he got home.....a long while later.

You know this is the second tornado you and Kahuna have been witness to. Did you sing Awesome God like y'all did last time??

After your call I did plan a route to the batcave with the girls, just in case it got a little tornadoey here too.

Emma Sometimes said...

HO. LY. Cow.

That is scary!!! This is the very reason I don't live in tornado alley.


Is The Box comfy? I need to trade in my DeLorian.

Uncle Joe said...

Yes, the box is comfy. It doesn't look to be on the outside. Kahuna is 6feet4 weighs around 260, it's got plenty of room and really excellent visibility.