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Friday, January 18, 2008

Good teachers, GREAT students, BAD drivers and a CAN!.

Here is a link to a news story about some teachers who are doing things right.
Ft. Gibson ELC. This happens to be CassiJo's school.
Congratulations to the students also, for working hard.

Speaking of the ELC at FG. Why in blue blazes do I have to triple check left and right to make sure the speeding van/car/truck/Tanksized SUV most often driven by a lady that just pulled into the busy parking by the school is NOT going to run over me and my child as we try to walk across the parking lot.
Batman's going to open up a big can of you know what one of these days.


Anne said...

That's a big ole C.O.W.A! I need one, too for the bad parent-drivers at our school. We've had children nearly run over several times a year--that's even after flashing lights and painted roads. It's really sad that people can't slow down for a whole 30 seconds to drive by the school.

Emma Sometimes said...

Oh, I'll be behind you with a BAT! (no, not that bat)

I'll show you SPEED BUMP!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good schools are to commended!!!
It's great when a school actually does teach some stuff and the kids actually do learn it.

Batman needs to just fly OVER the parking lot and avoid altercations.
Oh, I forgot... Batman CAN'T fly!!
Superman CAN though.

Aunt Jo said...

They need a fake police car out there.

Or someone with a camera to film her speeding.

Or you could just play chicken with her.

Or you could tell the teacher on her.

Uncle Joe said...

Not the same lady.
Different people. drving hell bent through the parking lot.

yes emmers. this is one of the few places where there is NO speed bump.
the rest of the campus is laden w/them.
laden like full of, not like osama bin.