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Monday, January 21, 2008

CSI Las Vegas Tidbits of Wisdom #2

Here is the cast of the show CSI.
AJ loves this show. I've never really watched a complete episode until a few weeks ago.
The "Murder/DNA Mystery Solved in an Hour" has turned me off a bit. But then after watching a DVR'd episode with AJ the other night I discovered a truth.
This is a truth revealing comedy!
Neatly or not-so-neatly buried in each and every show are life-truths that make me laugh out loud.
These are so funny to me that I will now quote randomly at any given time these life truths when they do/don't concern the situation at hand.
They will make good fodder for serious conversations w/serious family or friends, when said with a deadpan face in response to their deadpan conversation.
I hope you will quote these at my funeral some day.
Tidbit of Wisdom #2
It's over........We might as well eat some bread and bang a metal cup against the bars.........It's OVER.
Point made. Finality Confirmed.

1 comment:

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey, AJ and I are in one accord on this one.
Me likes the show too, also, in addition, as well.
It's not as good as Ugly Betty, but me likes it.
Truthfully, if the show was cancelled, I'd probably not miss it that much, but for some strange reason, I still watch it.