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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dog Day Morningandnoon.

Here is a pic of the new girl in our house. Shelbyjo. We've had her 4 months now.

She is an inside/outside dog. Probably inside a bit too much for AJ. After considering the state of the house before and after Shelby I can see why AJ feels as she does. I found her on the internet located at an adoption center about 45 miles from our house. The girls fell in love with her at first sight.

The hour long ride home was filled with fluffy new dog thoughts about what fun and joy she would bring to the family.The fun and joy have been interspersed with lots of chewed up toys, pencils, "Why did you leave your stuffed animal lying where she could get to it moments".

Since I'm home with her most days I think I've finally begun to have sort of a "Canine 6th sense", that has helped me understand Shelby and what she feels.

Here is an example of a conversation we had just the other day?

I've just arrived back home after being gone running errands for about 30 minutes:

Shelby: rrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrrww. ('bout time you got home!)

Me: Hey Girl! Did you miss me?

Shelby: rrRRRRRRW!!! (what do you think?)

I walk quickly past her to put down the bags I'm holding.

Shelby: RRRRrrrrrrww! (What do you think you're doing? I said I missed you!)

I walk over to the coffee pot to see if there's any more coffee.

Shelby: RRRRRRRWWWWWW! (You've been gone a WAY long time!!!!!)

Me: I know girl, it seems like you haven't seen me all day, but I've only been gone for 30 minutes, okay?, just give me a minute and I'll sit on the couch and we can play.

Shelby:RRrrRRRrrRRrrWW!! ( You have been gone ALL day!!!)

Me: How can you say that to me?

I walk past her to check for phone messages, open the fridge for its hourly inspection tho' I'm not even hungry.

Shelby stretches, yawns, whimpers and reaches with her front paws up to my hip and whimpers.. "rrrrrrummm" (come to the couch and let me explain something to you)
We meet up on the couch and I am quickly covered in doggy sugar.
Shelby: r r r r RRR rrrr mmm ffwwwmmm R" (I live in the DOGWORLD. Not the people world...)
More sugar and nose sniffs to find out exactly where I was those LONG 30 minutes.
Shelby: RRRRRRf? (McGriddle AND COFFEE?)
Me: Shelby, I was only gone 30 minutes. I was hungry.
Shelby: RRRRRwwwMMMWWWRRRwwwwwwRfRf. ( Let me explain something to you Mr. Master, IN DOG YEARS YOU WERE GONE ALLLLLL DAY!!!!!!
There you have it.


Aunt Jo said...

I love Shelby. As a matter of fact, I am knitting you a sweater of all the hair she sheds. :o) (People do that you know)

You know you are loved when someone pees a little when you get home. Yep Shelby loves me.

She is very soft and sweet.

Jenn said...

That is a tiny little picture.

Jenn said...

She has a point about how long 30 minutes is in dog years.

Bryan said...

Sounds like a cute dog. Got a bigger picture?

Jamie Dawn said...

Ahhhh, Shelby missed you!
So, you speak Dog, huh?
That's mega cool.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Keep sending me those You Tube videos that you like. I enjoy watching them. I sent the woman comedian video to my mom. I'm sure she liked that one.