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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Here comes the Judge!!!

This is a picture of the judge at my disability hearing.

Ask AJ. I had to answer yes or no questions and didn't know which eye to look at.

Fortunately for me, he was a very smart puddytat.
Now onto something of a more serious nature.
Blogging has changed a bit since my sab-Bat-ical. The technology and things a person can do has quadrupled. I can't even remember how to post a link. Technology has quadrupled and my brain cells have dequantified. They have systematically, ptomelogically, unedefied. In an extremely contracursorful way.
There seems to be no more flow. Just a flowdown. What's a Joe to do?
I'm doing all the right things, like: napping 2 to 4 hours a day, intermingled with 2 or 3 hours of great direct TV. I seem to have it all. Is it all for naught?
That reminds me: when a company I worked for closed it's doors in 1984, I went around asking anybody who would listen: "Was it all for naught? Was it all for naught?"
Half of the people knew I was joking and the other half, well lets just say they're probably still awakened in the middle of the night with my words reverberating through their noggins.
Apparently it was all for naught. Just naught right now.
My brain hurts. See you in the funny papers.
Uncle Joe


Aunt Jo said...

hold on....I need a Thesaurus. Wait. I will just wait for Emma to get here. SHe will 'splain those big words. Haha

Aunt Jo said...

Oh yea. The judge really did look like that. It was a very surreal experience. I was totally helpless and could not utter a word. You can imagine my torture.

Joe, don't forget about the dish routine and all that motivation you dish out.

Jamie Dawn said...

That judge looks oddly feline.
Is he related to Garflield?

Them's not reel words, AJ.
UJ's jest tryin' to show off fer us blog buddies since he's bin away fer so long.
He needs to nap s'more so he can lernt all them newfangled dohickeys in the blogging world.
Also, he needs you to rub his feet.

Jamie Dawn said...

I meant Garfield, not Garflield.
Sometimes my fangers don't act rite.

Seeker said...

UJ, who's watchin' the BatCave?!

Uncle Joe said...


Jamie Dawn said...

Ho-hum... nothing new posted here or at AJ's.
I left Carly a comment with a link to Courtney & Taylor's new Lammy video.
Lammy rules, man!!
Lammy for President - 2008!!!!
Keaggy can be VP.

Anne said...

It's all for naught. What naught.

Jenn said...

It is hard to know where to look when someone is looking at you with googley eyes.