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Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay folks, after almost a years hiatus or sab-Bat-ical I am definitely challenge blogally.

So many things have changed sinced I blogged last.

George Bush is now president.....

We've moved to Fort Gibson Okla. I haven't learned to play the cello yet.

Oh, CNN just said that George Bush has been president for a while. Where was I?
I've decided to vote for Phil Keaggy for President of the United States.
He's only the most talented guitarist on the planet. Write him in.
Ted has a new myspace site. Give it a listen he's an awesome songwriter.
Okay, well my brain is tired from all this considering and stuff.....I try to get over and see all my old friends...............
Uncle Joe


Anonymous said...


Emma Sometimes said...

UJ!!! I'm so happy you are back to black..whoops. (I had Batman on the brain for some weird reason)

...back to blogland...I shall link you immediately. It's painless really.

Oh, and Phil Keaggy for President would be sweet.

Jenn said...

What this country needs is a musical leader. It could be a step towards world peace.

Anne said...

WOW! I must be dreamin'!!! Is it really you? I wouldn't believe it if you hadn't mentioned something about the guitar.

Things are looking brighter!