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Monday, October 23, 2006


We (my family) had the privilege of talking to Jenn on her birthday yesterday.
She mentioned at the onset of our conversation that we had an accent.

We, being from the great state of Oklahoma, speak with accents?

Okay, I admit we do.

But I can change my voice to speak in any number of accents.
Next time I'll use my Indian voice. That will really throw her.
I'm a graduate of Phone Pranks I and II. Currently studying for my Masters.

Yesterday I had the disadvantage of not having my vocal chords running at full speed, due to a recent medical condition which made me cough 18 hours out of the day for a month.

Jenn spoke with a definite New York accent, not as strong as we expected, unexpectedly!
We must have sounded like aliens to her.!!!!

When Badoozer and son were here for their visit, she had a definite Northwestern accent, her son didn't seem to have a distinguishable vocal inflection.

Jenn, after a day of reflecting, just exactly what/who did we sound like?

The state of Oklahoma being more or less positioned in the center of the nation has always been home to displaced Americans working and retiring here or working and passing through.

One of my college teachers was from New York. Another was from Argentina (she taught English, not a good idea.)

I spent a lot of time in Tulsa during the 80's. At any given moment in any restaurant you could discern many American and Foreign accents.

Do you find that true in your state/city also?

What is my point? You ask!

I've been reading the Bible while waiting on Cassi to get out of school.

I've known the story of the Tower of Babel for a long time.
A recent re-reading has left me a bit confused though.

I understand that God confused the languages and separated the people, but I'm not sure I understand why..

Were they/we getting too close to heaven? Literally?

Were they getting too big for their britches? (As my granny used to say)

Thought they were too big a deal, didn't need God anymore since they could do it all?

What's your take on the Tower of Babel? Tell me something I don't know...!

Let US go down.....

ps. Seeker, you're next on the Joe call list! We'll give you time to relocate and to consider having an unpublished number to ward us off.... we might be stalkers!!!!!


Aunt Jo said...

i thought this post was going to be about art. your title is "drawl".....

letteth me thinketh on the Tower of Babel and i will tell thee later my thoughts, however silly they may be.

Seeker said...

Yep... too big fer their britches.

(Hey, I'm looking forward to the phone call! It will be a while, though until we're moved and actually have a phone number. I'll let you know.)

Jenn said...

You sounded like aliens... Martians to be specific.

Jenn said...

This is what I believe about the Tower of Babel... here's a quote from :

"This was not an innocent, scientifically naive, primitive effort to reach the highest heavens! It was, instead, a brilliant but blasphemous effort to dismiss forever the God who had commanded Noah and his three sons after the Flood to ‘be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth’ (Genesis 9:1). Instead of honouring His name (i.e. His character and attributes), they said, ‘Let us build for ourselves a city … and let us make for ourselves a name; lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth’ (11:4)."

Jamie Dawn said...

The book of Hagman below is quite a spiritual quote, but I prefer quotes from the book of Uranus.
NOT REALLY!!!!!!!!!

The Tower of Babel happened because God was simply too bored with us very boring, one language humans. He decided to spice things up a bit.
Guten Tag!
Tengo hambre. Adios.

uncle joe said...

Jenn, thanks for that site addy, I'll be using that in the future.

JamieDawn, you studying to be a spy?

Ted said...

The tower of babel was a space observatory to comunicate with other planets. God had exclusive space travel rights and the ability to encode the language to stop any copywright infringement or space secrets falling into enemy hands. Or he was just having fun with them.

uncle joe said...

Ted's a genius...
I'm a Mingus.