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Thursday, July 06, 2006

You play games?

Let's play word association:

I say: Potato/ You say:

I say Tomato/You say:

I say Splendiferipidadoodayato/ You say:

Now let's play " I Spy"
I Spy with my little eye something Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet....
What is it?

Now let's play Twister.
Left foot Yellow.....Right foot Red......Left hand Blue........ Right hand Green.....
Good Boys and Girls!!!!

(previous story deleted)

Okay, I realize that it wasn't nice of me to tell that story, but doggone it I thought it was funny.

Do I always have to be nice on this heeeuh blog?


Aunt Jo said...

Hey I am first!

you say potato
I say potatoE

you say tomato
I say tomatoE

you say splendifer..etc
I say huh? what you sayin' to me??

you spy a rainbow

you put your left hand in
you put your left hand out
you do the hokey pokey
.....oh wait wrong game

"Her" loss my gain :o)

Anonymous said...

well, hmmmmm
what in the heckiferous are you talkeling about?

uncle joe said...

Okay, Anonymouse, forgive me for dredging up the past...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe no problem, but its probably against all odds that I would be sittin here on the dock of the bay wasting time........we all remember the past in our own way.
Kind of smurfy huh?

Anonymous said...

where duh story go
am i retarded, don't answer that..

why don't you tell about the time you and AJ were playing twister, and her foot got stuck up your.....


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

don't forget the gobholey movie recommendation of the week

robert redford (he looks ok cause he grew a beard)
J-LO (large posterior intact)
Morgan Freeman ( do you think he really IS god?)
and last but not least,
one of THE HAWTEST men alive on this earth


Aunt Jo said...

Susie: well as far behind as we are on movies, it will be some time next year before we can see this one! :o)

hey I know....maybe end of July we will have a babysitter!

Jamie Dawn said...

Tay-Toe on both counts.
Tah-toe is for uppidy folks.
I'm not an uppidy folk.

I missed the story you deleted. Were you being naughty? You're going to hell for sure, unless AJ can whip you into shape. She's a good influence on you.
You need to listen to her at all times because in all things, she is always right.

(AJ, you can pay me later.)

Quit drinking so many of those cold beers you've come to enjoy so much, and maybe you won't see so many colors floating around.

Seeker said...

OK, no fair.... I leave town for a week and miss a good story?!
I have two words for you, UJ: E-Mail.