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Friday, April 07, 2006

Dear CassiJo, I am having a problem with my ?????

"Dad, why does Jesus make my nose stuffy in the morning?"

"Dad, I woke up really early this morning, before you or Carly or Mom or JESUS!"

As you can see, this 6 year old has an understanding of the way things REALLY work.

If you have a question about what is going on in the world or your life, please post it here and I will ask her and then pass the answer on to you....

Please begin all questions: Dear CassiJo


Saur♥Kraut said...


Dear CassiJo,

I am having a problem with my dishwasher. It makes a funny, grinding noise sometimes, but I've looked inside it and can't find out what's wrong. Nothing seems to be blocking anything in there, and it's only a couple years old. Do I need to worry? Is there a chance I'll get electrocuted one day while loading it with dirty dishes?

Seeker said...

Dear CassiJo,
I am having a problem with so much "gray sky" weather. Why doesn't Jesus let the sun shine more, and warm things up around here? I'm ready to see some flowers bloom. What should I do?

uncle joe said...

Saur, when our dishwasher makes a noise like that I go and tell my mom. Or I tell my friend the worker, or my husband the worker.
You should probably have your maid load the dirty dishes.

Seeker,the gray sky means its getting ready to rain. You should come here because the sky is light blue, the same color as the login and publish button. I'm gonna ask Jesus tonight to make your sky bluer..

Jamie Dawn said...

Dear CassiJo,

1. When I see the color red and you see the color red, are we seeing the same thing? If you could exchange eyes with me, would red through my eyes look the same as red looks through your eyes?

2. How did Jesus make you so cute?

Seeker said...

Thanks, CassiJo. I know He'll hear your prayers. Soon, I hope, because tonight it's very windy and cold again, and trying to SNOW!
Maybe I will move to Oklahoma....
does the wavin' wheat sure smell sweet like the song says?

Aunt Jo said...

Dear CassiJo,

why are girls so pretty and boys are not?

Aunt Josefina
also known as Mommy :o)

uncle joe said...

Jamie Dawn, I had to turn my ears way up loud to hear your first question.
If you have the PINK eye you will not see the same color. Like that time I woke up in the morning will all that gook in my eye everywhere.

Jesus made me so cute by taking part of mommy and daddy and like, "smash" put them together. Me and daddy have the same eyes.
Me and mommy have the same hair.

uncle joe said...

Mommy, because Jesus just liked it that way, so he just decided that way cause only grown up girls need makeup and not boys.

Seeker, you are very sweet to say that. I hope you can move to Oklahoma. I have never seen the wavin wheat.

EmmaSometimes said...

Dear CassiJo,

I am having a problem with getting my kids to clean their rooms. What would be the best way to get them excited to clean their bedrooms? (You probably have a very clean room so that is why I ask)

Jamie Dawn said...

Thank you, CassiJo.
You are so smart!

uncle joe said...


Say,"I got a surprise after you're finished!!"
or you can say, " Your friends coming over you'd better get to cleaning!"
That's all I can figure out.

k8 said...


Badoozie said...

Dear CassiJo,
I am a poor white child from kentucky and I am weird. I live in a van, down by the river, and eat a steady diet of government cheese. when will I ever learn? boys, have cooties!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Oh thank heavens for CassiJo. I hadn't thought of having my maid handle it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget CassiJo's really incisive report after a stressful hour of trying on jeans. When I said I had a headache, she said, "I have TWO headaches!"

Since then, I measure stressful experiences by whether they
cause one or two headaches.

~CassiJo's G-Mom