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Friday, August 19, 2005

Where have I been you ask?

Not in jail as some of you might think. although I have met a very nice police officer in my hometown and we are getting a chance to know each other pretty well. The first time was in February of this year as a friend and I came back from a Steven Curtis Chapman concert . The players are me who I'll call Me. My friend the driver will be known as Waylon and the police officer will be called Corp. Joe.

The scene: A major intersection in my hometown at approximately midnight on a Sat. night. Corp. Joe has just pulled us over and we are getting our licenses out.

Corp. Joe: "Have you guys been drinking tonight?"
Waylon: No.
Corp Joe: Are you sure you havent been drinking?"
Waylon: Yes. I'm sure."
Corp. Joe "I'm gonna NEED to SEE YOUR Licenses and you TOO BUDDY!"
Me. "Okay."
Corp. Joe walks to the back of the car and returns A Lot A Bit Louder.
Says Corp. Joe: "You are SURE neither one of you has been drinking?"
Waylon,Me: "No."
Corp. Joe: Did you know your car tag is out of date by 3 months and this is very serious and I have to right to impound your car and take you in, because if YOU"ve been drinking........ so, I'm gonna ask you ONE MORE TIME.....HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?"
Me (very loudly) WE JUST CAME BACK FROM A CHRISTIAN CONCERT AND WE DON'T DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... (I'm not feeling very Christian like at this moment but I think I get my point across.)

Waylon forgot to update his tag and our spiritual high came crashing down leaving no survivors. Waylon gets a $140.00 fine and I get a rise in my blood pressure. Waylon is paranoid now and we take the back streets home and have a very silly story to tell in which we are martyrs and had to carry the sins of the world for a few moments. Later examination revealed that Corp. Joe was one of the nicest officers on the force and maybe was just having a bad night. SCENE TWO WILL BE REVEALED TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aunt Jo said...

You are really funny, but I bet you already knew that didn't you?

Luke said...

Yeah, I think I met Corp. Joe on a bad night once too...not fun.