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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Corp. Joe Part 2: What Happened To Your Evil Twin?

Part two takes place one week ago. I am in my Dudley Good-Deed Mode and am going to walk my brother's dog, who is out of town. (My brother not the dog). Beautiful day, just rained the previous night, I'm sailing along listening to Jars of Clay feeling pretty darned good. Busy traffic, nobody paying attention to nobody, just driving and happy to be living in Green Country. You don't bother me and I won't bother you and the world will keep spinning just fine. Busy little ants, most of us going nowhere fast. That is until I see the lights in my rearview mirror. Now I know where I'm going. I'm going to pull over at the next business driveway and be very polite to this officer. A chubby little fellow walks up to the car and very politely explains the seat belt laws and I explain to him that I have two reasons for not wearing mine. Number one: it is broken. So he says, Show me please." So I show him and it clicks into place for the first time in months. "Make a liar out of me!" I say, and he says "No, I believe you, just get it fixed. Number two: I got a defibrillator implanted a few months ago and it hurt when I put my seatbelt on, so I just quit wearing it. "In that case, you can get a doctors note and maybe you still won't have to wear it". Wow! This man is nice. I look at his name tag and it says..........Corp Joe. Corp. Joe? Could there be two? One a maniac and the other a candidate for officer of the year. Corporal Joe gives me a twenty dollar ticket and tells me to go get a Dr's. note and maybe not have to pay it. I leave proud to be an American and wondering if Corp. Joe has an evil twin or if he remembers the horrible way he treated us that cold Feb. night and was just trying to make amends.............Stay gets better!.................


Luke said...'s been awhile since I've met this side of Corp. Joe. Too long.

Aunt Jo said...

I am awaiting the next installment with bated breath!