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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Maybe I am a Big shot............

After yesterday's affirmation that I'm not so important...............This morning before Sunday school a man also named Kenny said hi to me to which I promptly resonded "hi". Quick thinker that I am. As I prepared to summon the energy to walk up the flight of stairs and get some coffee to at least make me think I was really awake he yells at me......."Hey!". To which I quickly answer "what?". Says he: "Do you not like me or something?" I still have sleep in my eyes, and I'm not ready for such a deep question plus I think he's putting me on or something so I say "what are you talking about?" . He says, "well, sometimes I walk by you and I think about putting my hand out and saying hi Kenny to you but it looks like you don't want me to so I think maybe you don't like me." So I'm thinking, (if you want to shake my hand, put your hand out and that will give me the first clue that you want to shake my hand). But instead I say, "Who are you?" (now I'm putting him on). He says "You don't know?" I say,"You're name is Kenny, the same as mine and how could I not know we have the same name and, Yes, I like you, you silly man." He seemed to be satisfied with my answer and now I know that maybe, just maybe I am a big shot and people need

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