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Friday, May 08, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that Progressive Insurance is owned by the same guy that pushes and its liberal agenda?

Did you know that I played trombone in high school?

Did you know that 80's fashion is making a comeback? Just say no..
I have a 14 year old daughter. Please just say no...... (link)

Did you know that Barney Kessel is my all time favorite guitar player?

Did you know I can't figure out how to put a youtube video on blogger?


Jamie Dawn said...

I don't want 80s hairstyles to come back, but the clothes were cool. I liked my 80s wardrobe.

I DO know how to post You Tube vids. Just go to the video you want to post on your blog, not full screen, but regular screen view. You'll see on the right side of the screen an EMBED code. Just click on the word EMBED and that will highlight the code. Then paste that code onto your post. It will come up automatically when you publish your post.

ancient one said...

My grandson plays trombone...

I didn't know about the move.on org...

I thought 80's clothes were ok...

Like Jamie Dawn says about the you tube... I've done it a couple of times..

And see, I'm old, and I already forgot the other things you mentioned.. LOL

Have a good weekend!

Aunt Jo said...

yes x 5

Aunt Jo said...

what do i win?

Aunt Jo said...

oh please can i win?

RC said...

woa - who knew!

I think you should search on youtube for a video that tells you how to put a youtube video on blogger.

we'll know you did it when you post the video on your blog showing how to post a video on your blog...whew! that's complicated.