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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who knew?

Your Spiritual Number is Five

You bring adventure and change to people's lives.

You are willing to challenge your friends and push them to grow.

Right now, your life is about figuring out where to direct your energy.

If you're not careful, you can become too unreliable or flighty. You need the perfect project.

You live a free form life - which allows you to be very innovative and a great problem solver.

Rules, schedules, and structure practically destroy you. You have to do things your own way.


Aunt Jo said...
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Aunt Jo said...

Freaky!! Very accurate for you.You rule hater. Stop pushing me!! You *are* a spoiled free form thing aren't you?

When I read mine, I don't see the first part being true, but the last part is....I am a Three:

You bring creativity and meaning to people's lives.
You can help someone see a whole new world and possibilities that they never imagined.

Right now, your life is about compromise and union.
A close friendship, partnership, or romantic relationship is very important to you right now.

And while you may be primarily focusing on one person, you never forget how interconnected the world is.
You try to respect and understand those you have differences with

Anne said...

"Rules, schedules, and structure practically destroy you. You have to do things your own way."

Sounds a lot like me.

Anne said...

I did this - I don't like the results I got though.

Jamie Dawn said...

Mine was 8.
Eight is great, I think.
Some of the things did apply to me.

Some of the things in your number could apply to The Reverend.

The Doozie said...

I was a negative 2, what does that mean. Just kidding, I was a 6