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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I feel minty fresh. Please make it stop.

Above and below are pics of our living room. In addition to the poorly placed pictures and scattered shelves you'll find the room is painted in something I like to call Original Crest Green.
It's very yucky and we don't like it.
The living room is very small for a normal family of 4.
As many of you know, we are not a normal family of 4.
We are quite the opposite.
Among other things we are evidently color challenged. Our eye to paint to wall ratio/perception is severely lacking.
Is there someone among you who can tell us what color to paint our living room walls?
After all the room is designed for living, not for brushing teeth.


lesliereid said...

This sounds like a job for my sister. Not only is she a decorator extraordinaire, she's a dental hygienist. Perfect! Seriously.

Aunt Jo said...

her kitchen is this same green color.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Your living room is bigger than the one that contains my family of 6. Think of a cozy color. Maximize the coziness. I wonder if one dark brown wall and three lighter brown walls would look nice. I'm horrible at envisioning.

Lavinia said...

Hi Uncle Joe. Yes I agree, the minty walls have got to go. Someone I know painted her walls a lovely colour called "White Chocolate". Its so elegant, like a pale cream with the merest, faintest hint of a drop of mocha. Another terrific colour is "Innocence", a sort of off-white.

If you dont' want beige or anything beige-y, how about moving toward pale ecru, or something with a hint of colour lifted from your sofa or carpet? That would complement your furnishings and wood trim. Take these photos to the paint store, get lots of different samples of the painted cardboard pieces they give away free, and tape them to the wall so you can see how they look in different lights, at different times of the day. Good luck and let us know the result!

david mcmahon said...

With the colour of the furniture, I'd say paint the walls a really light shade of beige/ ivory.

That'll create the illusion of more space, too.

I have rollers, and am willing to help. Saturday morning, 10 am?

Jamie Dawn said...

I vote for Hood Beige. It is the color of nearly all the walls in our entire house. They mixed it up special just for us, and they named it after us too, also.
Hood Beige is kind of the color of a peanut shell with a hint of warm yellow mixed in. It's loverly, just loverly.


I really like green walls too though. I'm currently visiting my brother, and his living room/dining room walls are two different shades of medium to dark green. It is very warm as well as pretty with accent colors of black and dark purple and cranberry. Our momma helped him put his whole living and dining room look together, and it is very nice.

I'm sure when you decide, you will have a color or colors that your totally coool family will enjoy.

Happy New Year!!!!!

Seeker said...

Dormer Brown and Crisp Linen. (My new kitchen colors)

jennifer said...

I wrote a big long comment, re read it and thought "Yuck! That wouldn't look good at all"... and backspaced over the entire thing. So I'll just say good luck.

OK, I can't leave it at that because I love color. Your Sofas are brown, so think COLOR that compliments them. Like pale robin's egg blue, cream,chocolate brown, and bright sage green. Paint your walls neutral if you have to ( I am living in neutral and don't like it), but add some color in the accessories around your room.

Whew. Glad to have gotten that off my mind.

ancient one said...

I am no help... every wall in my house is white and if I had my say all my furniture would be painted white..LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

So, when do we get to see the AFTER photos?


GutsyWriter said...

I'm new to your blog and I think you need a warmer tone. Crest is cold and you might want to accent with some plants, colorful pictures and bright throw pillows. Thanks for asking.

Anne said...

Rich Cream by Porter Paints

Anonymous said...

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