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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let the madness begin!

Yesterday I was paying $1.85 for gas. $20 gets me half a tank.
I notice out of the corner of my eye a young black guy looking at me.
He nods and yells, "Bet you thought you'd never pay $1.95 for a gallon of gas again!"

I nod and smile. I'm paying $1.85. He must be buying higher octane I think, or else he doesn't know how much the gas actually is.

He says, "You know what it is don't you? The Republicans are OUT and the Democrats are in charge now. The Republicans have been stealing gas....blah blah Bush blah Bush blah...".

My half-tank is done. I wonder, should I say something? Then I realize he's probably seen my McCain for President sticker still on the front of my truck.

As I open my door I yell, "Don't worry, the Republicans will be back in 4 years!"

Doggone it. I upset him.

"NO they won' they WON'T. They're all a bunch of s###.

Shame, shame, shame on me.

He was still yelling when I drove off.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that Bush was still our President.


ancient one said...

That's funny! Gas dropped to $1.99 in my little town today. I never, ever, would think someone would believe the Democrats caused the price drop. The next four years will be interesting to say the least.

jennifer said...


We paid 1.92 tonight. Didn't think we would EVER see it go below 2 bucks again.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I was wondering when the idiots would start believing that the dropping gas prices were a result of Obama winning the election.

However, in a sense they may be. Remember that many people don't know where a great deal of Obama's funding was coming from. It's not traceable, due to the way he ran his campaign (he was willing to take credit cards and donations w/o verification and guaranteed payment of funds so that it wouldn't involve verifications).

So: We really don't know who's been financing him, but speculation is that many middle eastern governments or interests may have contributed. As we know, he's been endorsed by terrorists.

Therefore, these same groups that manipulate us with fuel prices can also drop them once they've achieved what they were hoping for. This may be our 'reward' for voting for their candidate of choice.

Anne said...

I am laughing SO HARD!!!

We need to be self sufficient and that trickles all the way down to us in our own homes.

The Doozie said...

Oh my lands people are so STUPID. Thus...the election results

Criztina said...

Thought I would return the comment....You are correct, Bush is still our president. But what that poor man at the gas station failed to realize....The democrats have been in power for the past 4 years. They control the house and senate. SO now, will only get worse because the only GOOD thing in office is walking away.
CAKE is an awesome should listen to "the guitar man" is my favorite right now. I do love my other songs from them too. The monotone and awesome straight beat make it a must-love band. Hope you enjoyed the music and the photos.
Not a fan of the Lord of the Rings photo on your...i must say it is a little creepy.
BUt I got the point.

Jamie Dawn said...

This is so funny because just last week, I commented to Keith that gas prices were wonderfully low.
I pointed at the Walmart gas sign, and he said, "Obama's policies are already working and he hasn't even been inaugurated yet!!"
We both had a good laugh.
Some morons actually think this way.
They have shite for brains, pardon my pseudo cuss.

R said...

It is a buck seventy here.

I am SO sick of people talking about Obama I could shoot out bile straight from my gut.

Jamie Dawn said...

Gas at Walmart today was $1.59.
That's the lowest I've seen so far.
That Obama is a miracle worker!!!!

The Doozie said...

Gas at our Walmart is so low, they actually tore down the gas station.

Thank goodness for obamanation

Jenn said...

what an interesting town you live in.